More weight age to experience in CAT

In recent few years, CAT exam has emerged as a big ticket for Indian students to get a direct entry in to the corporate world and gain high salaries. Every year around 2 lakhs of students from different parts of India and world sit for this examination. However, only 5000 students (approximately) from these students get a call from the IIMs and less than half of them get a final admission. CAT is also considered one of the toughest exams held in Asia and this year onward, English test will also be introduced to make it further tougher.

This year CAT exam will held on tomorrow 18th November, 2007. With the help of this exam students can easily get admission in to various IIM colleges and other 65 leading mba schools. So far, no accurate information was available with people about the various selection processes adopted for selecting students by IIMs. However, with of help of recent litigation filed under the information act two leading IIM’s of India IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahmadabad have made some of their secrets public.

According to this information, work experience plays a crucial role in the selection of students for both the IIMs, while IIM Bangalore also gives some weightage to the previous academic records. Rest of the IIMs have so far not replied to this litigation, but by seeing majority of work experience holder getting admissions into various IIMs, we can say that work experience really plays a very important role. As per the estimate, there is around 60 to 80% weightage given to the work experience and in comparisons to work experience CAT score has very less value. Therefore, it is advisable to have some work experience if someone wants to crack CAT.

Best of Luck for CAT 2007

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