It is a film inside film (Movie Review-Om Shanti Om)

Om Shanti Om is all set to become the biggest hit of 2007 and it has already broken number of records on box office within few days of its release. This film is also one of the most talked and awaited film of 2007 with millions of people across the world wanting to know about this movie. I also watched this movie with the same hope and expectation and to some extent, this movie also meet my hopes and expectations well. Shahrukh khan starter, this movie reminds people about the actual things happening behind the screen.

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First, I will discuss the strong point of this movie for which people should go and watch this movie. The best part of the movie is its first half which reminds us of the 70’s style of film production. Farah Khan has really made alive 70’s cinema for us and “Om Shanti Om” almost looks like a real 1970’s film. The other thing which provides a lot of help to this movie is it’s excellent and well presented songs. Laughter scenes also make people to laugh after regular intervals and last but not least the twists and turns in this movie.

Now about the weak points of this movie; this movie also has some weak points which stop this movie from becoming a best movie package. First and biggest weak point is easily predictable story line of the movie and there are very less surprises stored in this movie for the audience. Acting is also average in second half of the movie which also creates some boring moments during the film. Overall, we can say that this is a good and lighter movie for one time watch.

This movie presents in front of the people a movie drama inside a movie. However, if we compare “Om Shanti Om” with the hype created around this movie, then “Om Shanti Om” looks losing its ground slightly. This film is destined to be a biggest commercial hit, thanks to the big promotion and Shahrukh Khan's attraction factor, however, we need more good and value oriented films from biggest star of Indian cinema.


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  1. Its SRK, so its watchable. The story is ok, but predictable. Deepika looks gorgeous, but has to learn acting a more. Nice movie, worth watching.

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