No to “No smoking” (Movie Review- No Smoking)

I have lot of hopes from this movie because as per the promos this movie looks to offer something different. Though, this movie is really a different movie but the problem is with overdose of experiments which makes it difficult for us to differentiate between real and unreal. In this review, I will not discuss the story of film because even after watching the movie, I am not able to understand that what the story of movie is? This whole movie looks to gone out of control. First half of movie is slight promising but second half is a complete disaster.

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In this movie, people can watch some baba cutting the figures of people for smoking, putting their near and dear ones in gas chambers and even killing their souls or Atmas. Looks confuse, I am also confused after watching this movie. This movie reminds me of the childish comics where people’s fingers are cut and then again pasted back with some magic. From all this, we can say that story writer of this movie must be writing stories for comics before. Moreover, we can say that hit movies are not in the fate of John Abraham.

John Abraham and all other actors are fine but the main problem exists with the story line and presentation because film completely fails in giving any message or entertaining people. In the end, it is very difficult to classify this movie under a single category because so far there is no category available for these kinds of movies. However, people who love totally strange or bizarre movie can watch this movie, whereas regular movie goer can well avoid this movie for not thinking as cheated at the end.

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