Getting familiar with Jaundice

Jaundice is one of the most common liver related diseases found in our world. Every year large number of people dies due to this disease (in the mid-twenties to sixty years of age, liver diseases are third highest reason of death). Though, Jaundice is found across the globe, however, it is more prevalent and deadly in developing and underdeveloped nations.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is basically a yellowish colouring of the eyes and skin due to the high availability of billirubin in the blood.

Now what is bilirubin?

Bilirubin is a yellowish breakdown product of the red blood cells, which removed from the blood by the liver and finally excreted out. However, due to some dysfunction of the liver, if bilirubin is not excreted out from the blood then it leads to the jaundice.

Jaundice is mostly believed as the first sign in the beginning of liver disease.

Some common symptoms of the Jaundice are (which may vary from person to person)-
1) Nausea 2) poor appetite 3) vomiting 4) fever 5) weight loss 6) itching 7) stomach pain 8) dark-coloured urine 9) clay coloured stool etc.

If above stated symptoms coupled with yellowish colouring of eyes and skin found in any person then the person must be immediately send to an qualified medical practitioner for confirming jaundice and starting treatment for it. There are number of liver function tests available in the market which provide severity of the disease and blood test check the levels of the bilirubin in blood.

Major causes of Jaundice-

1) Due to liver diseases like liver infection, hepatitis, alcohol damage, building of toxins, cancer or intake of hepatotoxic drugs.
2) Due to the stoppage in bile flow caused by certain drugs, gallstones or cancer.
3) Due to the Partial destruction of the red blood cells, this can happen due to the defects in red blood cells, infection or due to certain medication.
4) Due to the disorder in metabolism.
5) In new born infants, jaundice mainly happens due to the immaturity of the liver and in most of the cases, it goes away on its own without causing any problem.

Do’s and do not’s for Jaundice patient:-

1) Avoid intake of alcohol and meat.
2) Must eat clean and boiled food and water.
3) Must drink plenty of sugar cane, orange juice and barely water.
4) Ensure proper sewage disposal in the house.
5) Jaundice patient should not share his razor or toothbrush with others.
6) Proper hygienic conditions must be maintained around the patient.
7) Patient must use condoms while doing sex.

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