Are you alone?

Aloneness can be a reward or punishment. Aloneness when desired is a reward but when not desired it is a punishment. We human are basically a sociable animal. We like to interact and stay with each other. We mostly feel happy when we are surrounded by some one. However all this may vary with situation and situation. In some situations of life, we feel like a failure or helpless. In those situations it is better to go into some alone place and again gather energy for facing the same world. In present we are some time so much surrounded by unnecessary people that we want to stay alone for few days. Remaining alone for few days, away from the rest of world has lot of healing effects on our mental disorders because it provides us essential time to coming out of our mental shocks. Still there are many people in this world who are not lucky to get this alone atmosphere because they are highly busy in the daily routines of life. On the other hands few others can not afford all this. Moreover a new kind of aloneness has started surrounding people. There are many examples of people who are finding themselves alone in big gatherings of people. These people are becoming so sacred about the aloneness they want to run out of these cold blooded people who are only interested in their selfish motives. Excess of aloneness is also bad because can create some mental fears for us. People usually require a balance between desired aloneness and socialization.
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