Individualism killing joint family tradition in India

India can boost of some of the ancient techniques and systems which are more advance than the today’s fastest technologies. These systems and techniques were made to take care of the need of all the people of society. Ancient Indian’s been very wise and advance as compared to other surrounding societies. They were great astrologers, fighters, mathematicians and scientists. Social systems were more inclined towards the needs of ordinary people. One of such system was joint family system which was developed by social scholars for taking care of some the arising problems. In joint family systems, many families stay under the same roof.

They have common kitchen and all the things were shared among all the members of family. Old members of the family were treated with utmost respect and care and they are main decision makers in family. This system was unique in many ways because it was able to take care of most of the modern day problem. For example when all the members of the family stayed in the same home then the chances of someone feeling alone or alienated were very less. There were many children in home which make everyone happy.

Financial burdens were shared by all the members of family therefore no one came under the pressure of arranging money. Even if some time a member of family loses his job then he did not had to worry about his own family. Therefore people are able to face the shocks very easily. Mental problems were day dream in those days. However, today we are going more towards individualism, which has started eroding our tradition values of joint family. People are more interested in living alone then in joint families.

No brother wants to share his earning for the welfare of other brother. Even people are not ready to share small sweets with each other. Most sufferer of all this happening are old people, those who are now most alienated among all the family members. No one wants to take care of their responsibility. A complete reverse in the Indian value system and it adverse effects can be seen in the increase of mental disorders and ailments. Today mental disorders are increasing at alarming rate in Indian society. Many people are opting for suicide and murder every day. These can be the beginning points of more unforeseen fears.

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  1. It is a very good post. I think that we youngsters will be able to understand and appreciate this sustem if only there is less societal burden of toomuch precedence to be given to the elders and there is lesser thwarting of youngsters by the elders.

  2. Although I cannot disagree with your assessment, it's very biased. There were several "good"s that the collective family system delivered, but in many cases, there were severe restrictions on individual freedom. Individualism allows people to realize their own dreams, things that give them happiness...

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