Are you alone?

Aloneness can be a reward or punishment. Aloneness when desired is a reward but when not desired it is a punishment. We human are basically a sociable animal. We like to interact and stay with each other. We mostly feel happy when we are surrounded by some one. However all this may vary with situation and situation. In some situations of life, we feel like a failure or helpless. In those situations it is better to go into some alone place and again gather energy for facing the same world. In present we are some time so much surrounded by unnecessary people that we want to stay alone for few days. Remaining alone for few days, away from the rest of world has lot of healing effects on our mental disorders because it provides us essential time to coming out of our mental shocks. Still there are many people in this world who are not lucky to get this alone atmosphere because they are highly busy in the daily routines of life. On the other hands few others can not afford all this. Moreover a new kind of aloneness has started surrounding people. There are many examples of people who are finding themselves alone in big gatherings of people. These people are becoming so sacred about the aloneness they want to run out of these cold blooded people who are only interested in their selfish motives. Excess of aloneness is also bad because can create some mental fears for us. People usually require a balance between desired aloneness and socialization.

Individualism killing joint family tradition in India

India can boost of some of the ancient techniques and systems which are more advance than the today’s fastest technologies. These systems and techniques were made to take care of the need of all the people of society. Ancient Indian’s been very wise and advance as compared to other surrounding societies. They were great astrologers, fighters, mathematicians and scientists. Social systems were more inclined towards the needs of ordinary people. One of such system was joint family system which was developed by social scholars for taking care of some the arising problems. In joint family systems, many families stay under the same roof.

They have common kitchen and all the things were shared among all the members of family. Old members of the family were treated with utmost respect and care and they are main decision makers in family. This system was unique in many ways because it was able to take care of most of the modern day problem. For example when all the members of the family stayed in the same home then the chances of someone feeling alone or alienated were very less. There were many children in home which make everyone happy.

Financial burdens were shared by all the members of family therefore no one came under the pressure of arranging money. Even if some time a member of family loses his job then he did not had to worry about his own family. Therefore people are able to face the shocks very easily. Mental problems were day dream in those days. However, today we are going more towards individualism, which has started eroding our tradition values of joint family. People are more interested in living alone then in joint families.

No brother wants to share his earning for the welfare of other brother. Even people are not ready to share small sweets with each other. Most sufferer of all this happening are old people, those who are now most alienated among all the family members. No one wants to take care of their responsibility. A complete reverse in the Indian value system and it adverse effects can be seen in the increase of mental disorders and ailments. Today mental disorders are increasing at alarming rate in Indian society. Many people are opting for suicide and murder every day. These can be the beginning points of more unforeseen fears.

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Ego-A big social Problem in India

In India, Ego can be termed as a big social problem. We people are highly egoistic and did not want to compromise on it. Especially people, who rise to higher ranks or get high positions in society or become rich starts classifying themselves as different class of people than the rest of Indians, this is a common story in all parts of India that is why we people still salute to higher status. There are many examples where people use their power to exploit other because only they want to satisfy their own ego. Ego tussles can be seen among people of same class. People are usually hurrying to malign others, only because these people have hurt their ego. In office rivalries are mostly result of hatreds grown due to ego clashes. Many bosses in Indian offices are more concerned with their own ego satisfaction rather than the benefits of company or government. Due to their ego, these people start giving themselves extra cover of false perceptions. Ego problems are not restrained only up to office or societies but they are very well present inside Indian homes. Ego problems can be seen between all the relations of Father-son, husband-wife, brother-brother or brother-sister, no relations are left alone by the ego problem. With the advent of new technologies and advancement in higher education, these problems are becoming even worse. Now days, a small school going boy or girl also have big ego to satisfy. All this can be verified from the latest incidence of strike by the girl students of Chandigarh College. These girls were on strike against the slapping incidence, in which a teacher slapped the girl student for allegedly carrying mobile phone to college against the restriction on mobile phones. Our generations have also passed colleges with all these strict restrictions but we had never revolted against the colleges or teachers, by making it a matter of ego. It looks that people have forgotten the art of forgiving and respect for others. We are only and only concerned with our and only our ego.

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Rural India

Marriages are always treated like festivals in India. In all the cultures of India, marriages are given lot of importance. In every culture, the main attention is to make it a memorable moment. In many parts of India, people started preparing for marriages many days back. Moreover, all the relatives and neighbors are ready with all kind of help. More or less marriages are still a social arrangement in rural India. Here people try to help each other as much as they can. In rural village, the most of work is usually done by the local people and very less help from professional is sought. Some one provides the glasses for drinking water and other provides the utensil for cooking food. Everyone tries to help in some way. Those who do not have anything to give, try to compensate it by doing manual works. All this makes marriage a fun festival for the whole area. Not the family of bride or groom but the whole village tries to enjoy it. This is a unique kind of beauty of India and can be found in India only. All this help in decreasing the cost of personalized wedding favors done by family of bride or groom. This equal participation from all people put no extra cost on anyone and makes event like marriage a easily managed work. However the degradation in the values of societies has started eating this kind of cultures and people have slowly started moving towards selfish motives. This is not good sign for country like India, which beside its poverty has restored it love and values.

Are we eating poison?

In this hectic world it is very difficult to think about many things in life. We are mostly so busy in work or life that we got no time to think about what we are eating like, Are these thinks are hygienically prepared? How much is the quantity of pesticides used in growing these vegetables or grains? What is the nutritional value of food we are eating? More or less we all do not have much time to think about all this. We are so busy with the daily pressures of life, work or household work that we do not have any time left for thinking. Some body has to earn for the marriage of his daughter, some one has to purchase a home or Car, some one has to achieve his dreams. But in all this we forget to think about our health and most of the time about the food which we eat. Good food is like rejuvenator for us. It helps us in making our body healthy for fighting against different illness. Here I am sharing some interesting facts about the food which we are eating today. In India there is no control on the usage of pesticides in growing vegetables and grains. As no farmer wants to waste even a slightest crop, so most of them are using pesticides much above the quantity prescribed. All this increases the content of pesticides in food and water we drink, and even some times the levels are much above the desired amount. Many farmers have started using organic ways for faster growth of vegetables and fruits. These vegetables and fruits may look good in shape and size, but they lack in essential vitamins. Now days the cultures of fast food or fried food have increased among people because it is spicy and easily getable. Again these foods are highly rich in fats and contain lot of free radicals (which can cause cancer). Things are not cool up to her, there are some more facts, according to latest studies these unhygienic food has even started causing changes in our DNA. People are becoming more and more prone to diseases as compared to their forefathers. This can be clearly seen from the increasing number of ailments like diabetics, cardiac disorders, asthma or allergies and finally cancers. Even, in between this entire episode, still people can control 80% of their food habits. Some contents can be increased and others can be decreased. For bigger issues of ethical growing of crops a national consensus is required.

Why man is eating man?

Why man is eating man?
Some of people may take my article as an act of madness; however I am firm on my views. All these views I have derived by seeing the mental and physical state of many people. Man is the most selfish creature of nature in this world. Only it is man which can use anything from power, love, fear, authority, relationship, need to suffering for its own benefit. Many people around us are just great actors which are in real sense deprived of any emotions. They play like perfect heroes, parents, teachers, lovers, husbands, wives or gardenias. However, in the real sense they are only eating us emotionally or mentally. They want us to behave in accordance with their expectation for example parents wanting their son to be doctor whether he wants to become a doctor or not. They not only want to dictate our love but they want every thing of us for them only and even they are not ready to allow us a smile. There are few people in this world, whom we say as politicians, who are very well in playing the role of a leader or motivator only to fulfill their own desires and once their results are achieved they change every color of themselves. There are many people in this world, who pretend to be our best friends but they are first one to through us in a well. There are many parents in this world, who spoil the lives of children only to make their own life more comfortable. There are many lovers in this world, which love only to become rich or have their sexual desires fulfilled. There are many husbands and wives, who prevent to be an ideal husband and wives but have side by side other affairs. Do we need actors or real people in this world? Whom we are making fool? Are we not slowly killing the lives of other people? Are we not stopping other’s form becoming a big success? Are we not spoiling some innocent lives? All this is very difficult to understand if we try to see it through the eyes of selfishness. More over it is very difficult to see or understand our own stereotypes because we are busy in finding faults with other. We always consider how other’s are using or fooling us, but have we ever considered about our own same behaviors. For killing a man we do not need knives, bullets or bombs, even some small mental tortures, bad roads or transportation, poverty, selfish motives, highly pesticided foods are enough to kill him. All things are result of our own unending desires of richness and wealth. There are many rich people, who have big bungalows and expensive Mercedes, which they have built on the lives of some innocent men. Man is the only specie on this earth which can eat its own specie. This may be a shame or achievement; it is up to you to decide.

What is the rank of your site?

Have you ever thought that what are the Google or MSN ratings or rank for your blog or website? Many of us will say no, because we do not think about this rank and its effects. Ranks are the rating set up by various search engines to our websites or blogs. More the rating of our website or blog, more will be chances of getting website listed higher on the search engine results. Today search engines are emerging major source of information for information seekers around the world. It is very easy to search the shops, parks or useful information by a click. With the increase in penetration of internet to more people, search engines are becoming a great source of visitor sender to various sites. It not easy to remember or write all the information required. On the other hand by simply visiting a search engine site we can easily get the desired information. However for commercial websites “site ranks” play a very major role because more the rank more will be the number of visitors and more will be earning from website. Therefore many search engine optimization techniques are used by various sites to enhance their search engine rating and get maximum visitors. Many search engine optimization firms are involved in this purpose and doing business of worth billions. From here one can imagine the value of good rank. A good rank can insure a success to website and a poor rank can lead to failure.

Cost of advancement

There is a common theory that for advancement we need to pay some price. There is no harm in paying some price for getting comfort. However, unfortunately most of the price for these advancements is given on the account of environment. For example, if we have to construct a big dam, then we are ready to pay the price of submerging of a large forest land and also the damage to flora and fauna associated with it. There is one more interesting example which recently comes up in India. It is famous in world that we do not have good roads as par the world standards. Most of the roads in India can be found in bad shape. However there was a unique thing associated with all these roads. Most these roads contain huge number of trees on both sides of road, even some of trees were of real type. Therefore Indian roads were helping in preserving the environment. Not only all this helped environment but it also provided lot of cool breeze and shadow to many travelers on road. Definitely this was a unique feature of Indian roads till few days back. With rise in demand for better transportation and infrastructure Indian government decided to wider these roads. Therefore major national highways started seeing a drive for wider roads. Up to here every thing is fine for people as the most of these highways are near completion of work. But few things are now can not be associated with these roads. These are “beautiful trees” along these roads because they all have been eaten by this advancement. Now on people can not expect shadow or cool breeze because no one is left here to do all this. Is all this a right approach to kill environment like this on the name of advancement? Most of us will say yes because we are selfish creatures and mostly involved in our own comforts. These beautiful trees have now become a story of past, our new generations will never be able to enjoy those old roads which can protect them from sun. These are only two examples; there will be hundreds of more in next few years, thanks to advancement.

Photo by Arvind Katoch

Why Copy right violation happen in poor countries?

I live in India, a country which is slowly showing progress in various quarters of life. In some segments like IT, construction and education, we are doing wonderfully well. Other segments are also showing positive signs. People’s earning power has increased in last few years. All this has lead to a demand in market for new services and products. However, the problem is that still the growth in purchasing power of people is much below then the developed nations. People in India want to buy and enjoy latest gadgets, however still they are unable to purchase these items. Therefore a demand is there but very few purchases are done due to higher price. Now there are many people present in the market, who are able to copy these brands and produce a much economical brands which easily come under the budget of ordinary people. Many people who are earlier not able to fulfill their desires are able to fulfill them. Every year huge number of these kinds of things is sold in market, which are copies of the real innovator. Many black marketers are involved in it and they earn huge amount of money from all this. Ethically thinking then all this is wrong because it causes a great loses to innovator. However the problems are deeper routed, still in India there are huge number of people who do not know what a copyright is? Other who knows can not afford this expensive copyright. Some few who can afford it are highly against all these copyright violation. Why there is difference in the thinking of different people? Who is right? Does there is no value for the expectations of poor? Why some things are made so expensive to fulfill the need of few individuals in society? Many questions and very few answers because we all are busy with our own lives. People blame government and governments blame people, nobody is ready to take responsibility or take a remedy measures. This is my try to give a critical look to this problem, because a complicated problem can not have simple solutions.

Some times it is a chance

Some times it is a chance
Life is same like a game; we start it with the hope of winning or getting maximum success. In games our motive is also same to get the maximum rounds cleared or to reach the maximum scores. Interestingly most of us will have played some or other games. In all games basic theme is same to get the maximum scores. Now when we start a game then we have never known what the output will be? Game starts and we start playing it, in the hope that we will do the best. However, the results of all the games are not same. Some games last only for few seconds where as in others we play up to hours. Why we are so successful in few games and why we are failure in others? The most of answers lies in simple word “chance”. The game in which we won or played for hours are one in which we got many chances and which are favorable to us. Where as the games in which we failed are ones, in which we do not have these chances. I am very found of playing games; it may be mobile games, PC games or play stations, because they give me chance to test my brain muscles and their powers to take timely decisions. However I am a person of average intelligence like most of people, therefore I have to mostly depend upon the chances in game. The more good chances I got, more good the result of my game. All this has made me to think about the role of chances in life. Are they having same effect in life as they have in games? Yes, what I believe? I have seen many people of rising to top, not because of extra qualities but sometimes due to favorable chances. Does these chances are given by our luck or destiny? Or there is some law which is governing them. I do not know the answer because it is may be a chance that I am thinking about it.

Housing industry in India

In recent few years India has seen big leap in construction industry. Real estate is a big profitable option for many investors. Twenty years back very few Indian cities have more then ten story buildings. However, now even small cities in India are ready to see sky high buildings. All this is becoming possible thanks to rise in earning of Indians and rise in demand for houses by people. Not only the height of buildings has increased but amazingly the design and style have becoming best in world. Many beautiful houses can be seen in many parts of India. Some of the houses are so beautiful that they are competing with the bests in world. Today’s Indian want every facility for them self. They want their homes to be beautiful and have all the necessary facilities. More and more number of people are running to architects for designing a unique and best home for them. Many marvelous pieces of architect are constructed by Indian architects. With all this, Indian architect is poised to see a new space for itself in world map.

Photo by Arvind Katoch

Hidden facts of begging

India can claim that begging is given to world by it because begging is present in India from ancient times. There are many references of begging in old great scriptures. Today begging is seeing a worst time in India. Many people have become beggar in India, only to just earn easy money. All these beggars are not really handicapped or needy ones, however they are more professional or actors in this art. Begging was developed in ancient India to give relief to saints so that they can put their attention only on spiritual work. Moreover begging help saints in overcoming their ego and realize the power of this great God. At that time begging had no other meaning then to satisfy few needs. However today begging is a big profession, many people or rather mafias are involved in running this business. Recently few doctors are caught on camera accepting money for cutting the legs or arms of people for making them beggars. From all this we can understand the severity of this crime. In India, one can see much kind of beggars. These beggars can be seen around any railway station, bus stand or in any public place. Some are using the same tricks for years and others are making new tricks daily. Some people are asking for money by giving the reference of their illness or abnormalities and others are using religion or animals. For example, cow is the most sacred animal among Hindu’s (though only in words). People regard cow as mother and even new born are made to drink cow urine because it is thought to be as the purest thing. Many people use these sentiments of people for cow in begging. They take few cows with them and then beg on the name of them. In actual they are only interested in them and do not take care of cows much. These are the few points about begging. Begging has many unearthed faces in this world.

Photo by Arvind Katoch

Plastic surgery a good option

Plastic surgery is becoming a fashion of today. Now nobody wants to stay with his or her, facial discrepancies. It is now possible to perform various surgeries, which really have the power to uplift the life standard of a person. We could imagine the time when people have stay with their discrepancies for whole life. All these create an unnecessary psychological burden on the persons. We have seen lot of cases where marriage was denied due to these causes. We make say what ever but inside beauty still holds a big advantage for many people. Good looking people are treated well as compared to the people with facial discrepancies. Even all this proved in a study with few months child that we attracted towards beauty, all this is in our genes. Today discrepancies may be of any type minor or major, solution is ready for all of them, thanks to the advancement in technology. Everyday new researches are coming which are poised to increase the satisfaction of a person. It is possible to do breast implant revision, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty and Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty. All these treatments are the recent advancements and are helping many people around the world. With these techniques people are able to get new improved look, which is defiantly helpful in increasing their self confidence. 

Photo of Har Ki Pauri (Hari-Ki-Pauri)-2 (Haridwar,India)

Every day thousands of people take bath at Hari-Ki-Pauri or Har Ki Pauri to reduce or nullify their sins. It is supposed that all sins of a person end after taking bath in Ganga at Har Ki Pauri. Whole of India can be seen taking bath at Har-Ki-Pauri. After the death of any person, his ashes and remaining parts of burned body are submerged with Ganga at this place. It is a custom in Hindu society to do this. All these events make Har-Ki-Pauri a major pilgrim destination for Hindu's living around world. In India people treat Ganga as a sacred and mother river which has divine power to free people from their sins.

Photo by- Arvind Katoch


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Photo of Har Ki Pauri (Hari-Ki-Pauri) Haridwar,India

In picture, see the beauty of holiest place of India Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar. Thousands of people come here every day from all parts of India to pay homage to river Ganga. Har Ke pauri or Hari-Ki-Pauri (Haridwar,India) has great significance as it is supposed to clean all bad effects of misdeeds done by people. Therefore every Hindu tries to take bath here for at least once in his life. Water of Ganga here is believed to have mysterious powers and it remains fresh for years if taken to home in bottle.

Photo by - Arvind Katoch


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Trade shows in India

Trade shows have become a major tool for the advertisements. Many industries today believe that it is beneficial to participate in trade shows. In India every year many trades show are organized covering most of the industries. Initially trade shows were only organized in big cities but now small cities have also started seeing some trade shows. Trade show may be of a multiple industry oriented or single industry, they are able to catch the attention of people. Better designed trade show displays are able to gather the attention of people and buyers towards them. Now many Indian and Multi-national companies launch their products in these trade shows. Last year much of Auto Company launched their new products in Auto trade show held in Pragati Madan, New Delhi. Those who participate in trade shows never forget to focus on trade show displays. In Trade shows the major success lies with the trade show displays. Though trade shows are expensive to handle but they are becoming worthy of it day by day and by increasing the trade show displays the success can be a grantee. We can hope to see many big trade shows in India in coming years.

In the Love of my God

This post is in the love of beloved God, who has created me and who is my owner? Not because he is more powerful then I or he controls the world then I should love him. I love him for his mysterious wisdom and creating me in this world. I may not be a big person or holds big positions in this world; still I want to thank him for making me to see so many of his wonders. Every thing he has created in this world is a real peace of wonder. This sky, oceans, hills, rivers, flowers, animals, colors and human, all are a great work of art. Let’s consider human, Human is the greatest creature of God. How God is able to create a wonderful peace of sand and water which can think, speak, understand, eat and walk? Human is the creature of God which has the power to experience all the glories of God. By becoming a real human, we can understand that how small we are in the comparison to God’s powers. Human hood is greatest way to attain God and becoming one with him. I am very thankful to him for making me a human and allowing me to see his wanders through my sense organs. Today, I found myself more near to my God because now I am able to communicate with him. In last few months, God has given answer to many of prayers. Today, I found him walking with me step by step. All the experience with God is very difficult to explain for me. God is not the property of mine; he is ready to serve anybody who is standing with open arms for him. It is very difficult to understand this world without his great wisdom. I do not know what is beyond these tiny stars or what is there deep inside the earth. Without God, I am a small dust of this universe but with him I am biggest power of this world. I have not seen him; he may be Ram, Krishna, Christ, Allah or Wahaguru. I do not care, who he is because I will love him in all his forms.

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Even your doctor can make you beggar

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Recently few doctors from north India are under the criticism for their involvement in falsely cutting the legs and hands of people for few rupees. Last week an Indian TV channel exposed these doctors by showing them accepting money to cut the hands or legs of people for money. These doctors charged about Indian rupees 50000 to 60000 ($ 1100 to 1300) per operation. If these doctors are provided with this amount then they can cut the lag or hand of anybody even if his hands and legs are in working conditions. All this is a smaller picture of big story of begging, most of these people after cutting their hands are used for begging . Now all of these doctors are running from police and society. At this stage it is difficult to confirm that only these doctors are involved or more doctors are involved in it. Definitely comparing with the vast size of Indian begging structure there must we more doctors or high profile people attached with it. This is again a shameful incident for country like India. It show that how selfish people we are? And how less we are concerned with the lives of ordinary people? It is again clear from this entire episode that begging has wide spread network in India and it has even more vigorous professional face. However still Indian government is not ready to take all these episodes seriously and do some work to remove this whole menace. If all this is not stopped at this moment then this may force many of people in to begging. It is not good for the overall well being of Indian society and requires immediate corrections from all parts of life.

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