Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some times it is a chance

Some times it is a chance
Life is same like a game; we start it with the hope of winning or getting maximum success. In games our motive is also same to get the maximum rounds cleared or to reach the maximum scores. Interestingly most of us will have played some or other games. In all games basic theme is same to get the maximum scores. Now when we start a game then we have never known what the output will be? Game starts and we start playing it, in the hope that we will do the best. However, the results of all the games are not same. Some games last only for few seconds where as in others we play up to hours. Why we are so successful in few games and why we are failure in others? The most of answers lies in simple word “chance”. The game in which we won or played for hours are one in which we got many chances and which are favorable to us. Where as the games in which we failed are ones, in which we do not have these chances. I am very found of playing games; it may be mobile games, PC games or play stations, because they give me chance to test my brain muscles and their powers to take timely decisions. However I am a person of average intelligence like most of people, therefore I have to mostly depend upon the chances in game. The more good chances I got, more good the result of my game. All this has made me to think about the role of chances in life. Are they having same effect in life as they have in games? Yes, what I believe? I have seen many people of rising to top, not because of extra qualities but sometimes due to favorable chances. Does these chances are given by our luck or destiny? Or there is some law which is governing them. I do not know the answer because it is may be a chance that I am thinking about it.


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