Photo of Har Ki Pauri (Hari-Ki-Pauri) Haridwar,India

In picture, see the beauty of holiest place of India Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar. Thousands of people come here every day from all parts of India to pay homage to river Ganga. Har Ke pauri or Hari-Ki-Pauri (Haridwar,India) has great significance as it is supposed to clean all bad effects of misdeeds done by people. Therefore every Hindu tries to take bath here for at least once in his life. Water of Ganga here is believed to have mysterious powers and it remains fresh for years if taken to home in bottle.

Photo by - Arvind Katoch


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  1. I know just a little about this tradition. I long to observe this for myself and do as much as possible as a stranger in the land is allowed. Is it true that there are places along the river where it is no longer safe to drink because of industrial waste dumped to the river? Has the ganga always flowed brown? Was the water ever blue? I hope you don't mind my questions or long reply to your succint blog.

  2. You are true my dear to large extent. At this point people respect river Ganga and down in the other regions they are putting waste in it. However in photo the water is muddy due to heavy rain upside and due to construction of dams in upper river by India and China. Above Haridwar there are not much industries at present. Yes below regions have this problem especially after haridwar. Your question has pointed towards a deep rooted problem and to solve this problem, we need concrete steps from people and government of India. Thanks for showing interest in our sacred river Ganga.

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