Rural India

Marriages are always treated like festivals in India. In all the cultures of India, marriages are given lot of importance. In every culture, the main attention is to make it a memorable moment. In many parts of India, people started preparing for marriages many days back. Moreover, all the relatives and neighbors are ready with all kind of help. More or less marriages are still a social arrangement in rural India. Here people try to help each other as much as they can. In rural village, the most of work is usually done by the local people and very less help from professional is sought. Some one provides the glasses for drinking water and other provides the utensil for cooking food. Everyone tries to help in some way. Those who do not have anything to give, try to compensate it by doing manual works. All this makes marriage a fun festival for the whole area. Not the family of bride or groom but the whole village tries to enjoy it. This is a unique kind of beauty of India and can be found in India only. All this help in decreasing the cost of personalized wedding favors done by family of bride or groom. This equal participation from all people put no extra cost on anyone and makes event like marriage a easily managed work. However the degradation in the values of societies has started eating this kind of cultures and people have slowly started moving towards selfish motives. This is not good sign for country like India, which beside its poverty has restored it love and values.
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