Housing industry in India

In recent few years India has seen big leap in construction industry. Real estate is a big profitable option for many investors. Twenty years back very few Indian cities have more then ten story buildings. However, now even small cities in India are ready to see sky high buildings. All this is becoming possible thanks to rise in earning of Indians and rise in demand for houses by people. Not only the height of buildings has increased but amazingly the design and style have becoming best in world. Many beautiful houses can be seen in many parts of India. Some of the houses are so beautiful that they are competing with the bests in world. Today’s Indian want every facility for them self. They want their homes to be beautiful and have all the necessary facilities. More and more number of people are running to architects for designing a unique and best home for them. Many marvelous pieces of architect are constructed by Indian architects. With all this, Indian architect is poised to see a new space for itself in world map.

Photo by Arvind Katoch
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