In the Love of my God

This post is in the love of beloved God, who has created me and who is my owner? Not because he is more powerful then I or he controls the world then I should love him. I love him for his mysterious wisdom and creating me in this world. I may not be a big person or holds big positions in this world; still I want to thank him for making me to see so many of his wonders. Every thing he has created in this world is a real peace of wonder. This sky, oceans, hills, rivers, flowers, animals, colors and human, all are a great work of art. Let’s consider human, Human is the greatest creature of God. How God is able to create a wonderful peace of sand and water which can think, speak, understand, eat and walk? Human is the creature of God which has the power to experience all the glories of God. By becoming a real human, we can understand that how small we are in the comparison to God’s powers. Human hood is greatest way to attain God and becoming one with him. I am very thankful to him for making me a human and allowing me to see his wanders through my sense organs. Today, I found myself more near to my God because now I am able to communicate with him. In last few months, God has given answer to many of prayers. Today, I found him walking with me step by step. All the experience with God is very difficult to explain for me. God is not the property of mine; he is ready to serve anybody who is standing with open arms for him. It is very difficult to understand this world without his great wisdom. I do not know what is beyond these tiny stars or what is there deep inside the earth. Without God, I am a small dust of this universe but with him I am biggest power of this world. I have not seen him; he may be Ram, Krishna, Christ, Allah or Wahaguru. I do not care, who he is because I will love him in all his forms.
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