Even your doctor can make you beggar

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Recently few doctors from north India are under the criticism for their involvement in falsely cutting the legs and hands of people for few rupees. Last week an Indian TV channel exposed these doctors by showing them accepting money to cut the hands or legs of people for money. These doctors charged about Indian rupees 50000 to 60000 ($ 1100 to 1300) per operation. If these doctors are provided with this amount then they can cut the lag or hand of anybody even if his hands and legs are in working conditions. All this is a smaller picture of big story of begging, most of these people after cutting their hands are used for begging . Now all of these doctors are running from police and society. At this stage it is difficult to confirm that only these doctors are involved or more doctors are involved in it. Definitely comparing with the vast size of Indian begging structure there must we more doctors or high profile people attached with it. This is again a shameful incident for country like India. It show that how selfish people we are? And how less we are concerned with the lives of ordinary people? It is again clear from this entire episode that begging has wide spread network in India and it has even more vigorous professional face. However still Indian government is not ready to take all these episodes seriously and do some work to remove this whole menace. If all this is not stopped at this moment then this may force many of people in to begging. It is not good for the overall well being of Indian society and requires immediate corrections from all parts of life.

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Do we see all this in begging?

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