Hidden facts of begging

India can claim that begging is given to world by it because begging is present in India from ancient times. There are many references of begging in old great scriptures. Today begging is seeing a worst time in India. Many people have become beggar in India, only to just earn easy money. All these beggars are not really handicapped or needy ones, however they are more professional or actors in this art. Begging was developed in ancient India to give relief to saints so that they can put their attention only on spiritual work. Moreover begging help saints in overcoming their ego and realize the power of this great God. At that time begging had no other meaning then to satisfy few needs. However today begging is a big profession, many people or rather mafias are involved in running this business. Recently few doctors are caught on camera accepting money for cutting the legs or arms of people for making them beggars. From all this we can understand the severity of this crime. In India, one can see much kind of beggars. These beggars can be seen around any railway station, bus stand or in any public place. Some are using the same tricks for years and others are making new tricks daily. Some people are asking for money by giving the reference of their illness or abnormalities and others are using religion or animals. For example, cow is the most sacred animal among Hindu’s (though only in words). People regard cow as mother and even new born are made to drink cow urine because it is thought to be as the purest thing. Many people use these sentiments of people for cow in begging. They take few cows with them and then beg on the name of them. In actual they are only interested in them and do not take care of cows much. These are the few points about begging. Begging has many unearthed faces in this world.

Photo by Arvind Katoch
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