Are we eating poison?

In this hectic world it is very difficult to think about many things in life. We are mostly so busy in work or life that we got no time to think about what we are eating like, Are these thinks are hygienically prepared? How much is the quantity of pesticides used in growing these vegetables or grains? What is the nutritional value of food we are eating? More or less we all do not have much time to think about all this. We are so busy with the daily pressures of life, work or household work that we do not have any time left for thinking. Some body has to earn for the marriage of his daughter, some one has to purchase a home or Car, some one has to achieve his dreams. But in all this we forget to think about our health and most of the time about the food which we eat. Good food is like rejuvenator for us. It helps us in making our body healthy for fighting against different illness. Here I am sharing some interesting facts about the food which we are eating today. In India there is no control on the usage of pesticides in growing vegetables and grains. As no farmer wants to waste even a slightest crop, so most of them are using pesticides much above the quantity prescribed. All this increases the content of pesticides in food and water we drink, and even some times the levels are much above the desired amount. Many farmers have started using organic ways for faster growth of vegetables and fruits. These vegetables and fruits may look good in shape and size, but they lack in essential vitamins. Now days the cultures of fast food or fried food have increased among people because it is spicy and easily getable. Again these foods are highly rich in fats and contain lot of free radicals (which can cause cancer). Things are not cool up to her, there are some more facts, according to latest studies these unhygienic food has even started causing changes in our DNA. People are becoming more and more prone to diseases as compared to their forefathers. This can be clearly seen from the increasing number of ailments like diabetics, cardiac disorders, asthma or allergies and finally cancers. Even, in between this entire episode, still people can control 80% of their food habits. Some contents can be increased and others can be decreased. For bigger issues of ethical growing of crops a national consensus is required.
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