What is the rank of your site?

Have you ever thought that what are the Google or MSN ratings or rank for your blog or website? Many of us will say no, because we do not think about this rank and its effects. Ranks are the rating set up by various search engines to our websites or blogs. More the rating of our website or blog, more will be chances of getting website listed higher on the search engine results. Today search engines are emerging major source of information for information seekers around the world. It is very easy to search the shops, parks or useful information by a click. With the increase in penetration of internet to more people, search engines are becoming a great source of visitor sender to various sites. It not easy to remember or write all the information required. On the other hand by simply visiting a search engine site we can easily get the desired information. However for commercial websites “site ranks” play a very major role because more the rank more will be the number of visitors and more will be earning from website. Therefore many search engine optimization techniques are used by various sites to enhance their search engine rating and get maximum visitors. Many search engine optimization firms are involved in this purpose and doing business of worth billions. From here one can imagine the value of good rank. A good rank can insure a success to website and a poor rank can lead to failure.

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