Why Copy right violation happen in poor countries?

I live in India, a country which is slowly showing progress in various quarters of life. In some segments like IT, construction and education, we are doing wonderfully well. Other segments are also showing positive signs. People’s earning power has increased in last few years. All this has lead to a demand in market for new services and products. However, the problem is that still the growth in purchasing power of people is much below then the developed nations. People in India want to buy and enjoy latest gadgets, however still they are unable to purchase these items. Therefore a demand is there but very few purchases are done due to higher price. Now there are many people present in the market, who are able to copy these brands and produce a much economical brands which easily come under the budget of ordinary people. Many people who are earlier not able to fulfill their desires are able to fulfill them. Every year huge number of these kinds of things is sold in market, which are copies of the real innovator. Many black marketers are involved in it and they earn huge amount of money from all this. Ethically thinking then all this is wrong because it causes a great loses to innovator. However the problems are deeper routed, still in India there are huge number of people who do not know what a copyright is? Other who knows can not afford this expensive copyright. Some few who can afford it are highly against all these copyright violation. Why there is difference in the thinking of different people? Who is right? Does there is no value for the expectations of poor? Why some things are made so expensive to fulfill the need of few individuals in society? Many questions and very few answers because we all are busy with our own lives. People blame government and governments blame people, nobody is ready to take responsibility or take a remedy measures. This is my try to give a critical look to this problem, because a complicated problem can not have simple solutions.

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