Unknown Fears

There nearly 80% of people in world who are affected by unknown fears. These fears are killing them slowly and slowly. With the increase of technology advancement and hectic schedules, these fears are becoming more and more prominent. The main among them is the fear of future. Future is not seen by anybody. Nobody knows what’s their in future is for him. Still most of us worried about the future. Future as emerged as the one of the major fear for everybody. The main reason for the emergence of future as major threat is we are living in highly unstable world. Nothing here is stable. Everybody is running for something. Competition is very hard and people at the lower level have no right to make their decisions. They are just forced to behave, live and perform according to the orders. As the things are not in their control, therefore many times situations become out of control for them. They find them selves as puppet in the hands of others. This makes them find themselves in the trap made by others. Any failures out of the situation where they have no control make them apprehensive about his future. They are trapped in the middle of situation from where they can not think about the other alternative. This makes them frustrated and fearful about the future. In this situation they can not do anything, but only fear about the future and slowly die. Second fear is of the new. As we become old with the job, then the fear of new things starts coming to effect us. The fear of competition from new generation and non proficiency with the new technology make us suspicious of us. We start fearing that the new generation with take over us or we are unable to cope up with the new technology. Our superiors exploit this situation to compare us with the new ones. More problems come when these new generation got success more than us. Here starts the fear of inferiority. In our subconscious mind we start believing that we are inferior. Technology divide and variable education streams making it more prominent. Third is the promotion of juniors and or same ranks to higher positions. Many times due to the different circumstances many people go higher than the other of same or more potential. These circumstances are not in the control of anybody. But these types of developments make us fearful about our position to them. Many times these fears also come true, when people are let down by superiors cum juniors earlier. These situations become worst, when the humiliation is in front of others. These situations may not happen to us, but we are fearful by seeing the others fate. Fourth is the inability to cope up with the prevailing situations. Many times in life situations become more difficult than our expectation. Here we find ourselves unable to cope up with them. Like the jobs assigned to us or the expectations from us are more but we can achieve. Under the pressure or prestige, we can not admit it openly. Therefore from the day one we start fearing about the outcome. These are some kinds of fears which are killing the peoples worldwide slowly. We are requiring knowing of our fear. And rectify them, before they can damage us by any mean. Best way is to fight them and come as winner out of them. If we know our fears and doesn’t do anything to them. Then we are knowingly killing ourself.
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