Why some people speak more

We see many people around use who are very good in speaking. They speak up to several hours uninterruptedly. They may know the topic or not. That is not the issue. They will speak. We can say this is some kind of complex. These kinds of people are every where. Everyone most have some friends of this type. What make them to speak so uninterruptedly? There are many reasons behind this. Now we will discuss them one by one. First the common one is superiority complex. This kind of people thing that they are smartest creature on the earth and everybody around them is a fool. They think that they have the maximum knowledge of the matter. Therefore everybody should come to them for their advice. Everybody will find this kind of person at some time in their life. These people have developed this habit because of the success of their earlier same behavior. They take this behavior granted for making a good place in society. But this is not the right thing. This behavior may give someone some success initially. However this behavior is going fail in long terms, when they got more complex person then them. Second is due to habit of me first. This is also a kind of complex or habit which makes the person habitual of jumping in to everything irrespective of its knowledge. They want to give their advice and that to in first place. These kinds of people are not like the first ones. Here the behavior is habitual and not planned. They are just obsessed with this kind of behavior. This behavior starts with the childhood desires to be first and know. These people have not grown mentally. A child always remains in them and inferiority complex may also be the other reason. Third is forced behavior. Many time we live in families, where we are listened only if say forcefully and repeatedly. Which make us use this type of behavior with others also? Moreover we may have friends and colleges of same type. Then it further makes us to behave in this way. This behavior is different from the second one, as it is for some time. We remain in effect of it as long we are forced to do so. We come in to our normal behavior soon after the removable of forcing agency. Fourth type of behavior has no linkage to anything. Nobody knows why this occurs. These people are not habitual or forced or knowingly do this. They just do it. One can say this is in their genes. They are made for speaking. Their behavior remains unchanged for their whole life
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