How to get the confidence back

Confidence is the most sots after thing in today’s world. Everybody wants this and simultaneously this is desired in everybody. Most of us know it’s important. We know how confidence can create a huge difference in our life. We have seen my confident people in our life and we always tried to look like them. We have seen how confidence has made other more successful than us. We like confidence and we want to be confident.

However the problem is that we are not able to achieve it. Very few of us are able to realize this. But to become a really confident in all conditions what ever it may is seen very difficult. For example many people at the some time are confident and at some other time they are like most of us. To find a person who is really confident in all conditions and all situations is a hard job. And if see this person then we can clearly recognize the difference. These types of people are extraordinary in them and are highly successful in their ventures. A different charm can be seen on their faces. Every one will like to talk with him, work with him, love him and like to become like him.

This is the main reason behind the success of these people. We know all these secrets. Therefore in your mind there is always a desire to be confident. However to become a confident person is difficult for us. We have tried many ways to become confident. We followed many people for this and read many books. Sadly nothing happens to us. We are still the same old people, which are looking to others to fulfill their needs. We depend on them and also controlled by them. Here the question comes that we ever tried to see the reasons behind it. The reasons are many. Some of them are associated with our lifestyle and understanding of world.

Many people in this world born and die as slaves of other. How you may ask? It is simple most us doesn’t live our own life. We are not living to fulfill our dreams, but most of the time we are only fulfilling others dreams. Other s exploits us by fulfilling our small dreams in the exchange they are fulfilling their large dreams. Therefore most of us don’t live their real life. We are only able to achieve our some basic dreams. Therefore inside we remain as unfilled person. And an unfulfilled person can never be confident. We are searching the confidence in wrong things.

Real confidence lies inside us and we can achieve it by fulfill our true desires. We do not need any bodies help to achieve it. It is already in us, only the world has made the process complex. They do not want us to be confident. They require us to fulfill their dreams because without us they can not do this. We require understanding of our inner self and getting its help to search purpose of our life. Once we realize our purpose for life and try to fulfill it. Then day by day we will find our self more confident. This is the most simple and easiest way to get confident in life which God has made for us and everybody has the right have it.
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