I celebrated my birthday in Train

I am a person who loves solitude. I want to remain in my own self. This does not mean I do not like people. However for some times I just want to be alone. My expectations from others are very less. I do not want others do some thing special for me or give me some special attention. However some times the reverse happens to us. We are going in south direction and reach north. These things are out reach of any explanation. This is what we say is destiny.

You must listened many people celebrating their birthday in different ways. They plan well in advance to make it a unique and remember able day. On 29th of this month was my birthday. For me this was a different and memorable experience. However the main thing in it was that it was not planned by me. I had no role in it, except the person whose birthday was celebrated. In the evening on 29th I had train reservations for traveling to Hoshiarpur from Moradabad. I had to reach my home in Hoshiarpur to celebrate the deepavali. I was traveling for the first time on my birthday.

Till 28th I had no planning about celebrating my birthday. Making any plan was also difficult because I had leave in the evening of 29th. Therefore I decided to not tell any body about my birthday. The day on 29th started with the telephone call from my home in Hoshiarpur. They wished me birthday and then followed by the call from uncle home in Shimla, whose birthday coincides with mine. Also I had received some e greeting mails from some of my friends. This was what I had expected. But to my surprise I received call from my Boss and then followed by calls from my two colleagues of Sharanpur and Barielly.

This was some thing more then what I have expected. This was not the end; the wife of my boss was also traveling in the same train up to Jallandhar. This is a one station before Hoshiarpur. His parental house is their. My boss was in Saharanpur on that day and he had to get some cloths from his wife. He was going to Jallandhar after two days. I got the phone from my boss and my colleague at Saharanpur that they are meeting me at Saharanpur with cake and they will celebrate my birthday their. This was a new kind of experience for me. I had cut very few cakes in my life. My birthday is celebrated most of the time with Hindu traition.

I had never thought that I would celebrate my birthday in train. Saharanpur is four hour journey away from Moradabad, where I currently live. This news aroused lot of apprehensions in me. The trains started from the Moradabad at 7:30 pm. Boss wife was coming fromBbarielly,where he is presently stationed. I meet her at railway stations. Her seat was one compartment before mine. She told me not to sleep before Saharanpur. . Seating on my seat I was thinking about this experience. How it would be. How I would react and how people in the train would react.

In this thinking the Saharanpur comes. First comes my boss wife, she wished me happy birthday and gave me chocolate and birthday card. At the station my saharanpur colleague and boss were waiting for me with cake. First we greeted each other, they wished me happy birthday. Then after that I cut the cake. This ten minutes stoppage of train becomes a birthday destination for me and forever remember able event. Here again the belief in destiny becomes stronger. Also how good friends can make our life happy and remember able.

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