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Why Indian Cities fail to handle few hours of heavy rain?


It is common to see Indian cities struggling to handle a few hours of heavy rain. All this happens due to a combination of factors. These problems vary from city to city, however, we can find this problem in most of the cities of India. Sometimes, the situation is so bad that it leads to the death of a few people. Water enters the home of people and destroys property worth millions of rupees. The bad thing about all this is that this happens every year and we don't learn the lesson each time. There is a huge problem in the 
Inadequate planning of Indian cities. 

Many Indian cities have experienced rapid and unplanned urbanization, resulting in inadequate infrastructure and drainage systems. Due to this reason, existing infrastructure is not able to handle heavy rainfall, leading to flooding and waterlogging in low-lying areas. Every year many illegal and unplanned housing colonies appear on the map thus causing more pressure on the Insufficient drainage systems of the cities. Drainage systems in Indian cities are often outdated or poorly maintained. Though millions of rupees are kept to clean and repair the drainage systems before the rain no work is actually done on the ground. 

When the capacity of stormwater drains is inadequate, it leads to water accumulation on roads and in residential areas. Encroachments on drains and canals also contribute to their ineffectiveness. The sewage systems in Indian cities are typically designed to handle domestic waste, but they often become overwhelmed during heavy rainfall when stormwater mixes with sewage. This can result in sewage overflow, further increasing the flooding problem. Many people have made their houses by the encroachment of water bodies. Over the years, many water bodies, such as lakes, ponds, and wetlands, have been encroached upon or filled for development purposes. 

This reduces the city's natural drainage capacity and increases the flooding problem during heavy rains. The latest and new culprit is rapid Climate change. Changing weather patterns and increased intensity of rainfall events due to climate change have added to the challenges faced by Indian cities. These extreme weather events can overwhelm existing infrastructure. To solve this problem, we need proper maintenance of infrastructure, including drainage systems. However, in many cases, maintenance is neglected, leading to clogged drains, damaged culverts, and ineffective flood control measures. 

Rapid population growth and the presence of informal settlements in Indian cities pose significant challenges in managing heavy rainfall. These settlements are often located in vulnerable areas with poor infrastructure, making them more susceptible to flooding. Addressing these issues requires a multi-faceted approach, including improved urban planning, investment in robust drainage systems, restoration of water bodies, better maintenance practices, and climate-resilient infrastructure. It also requires a focus on sustainable urban development practices to mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall events in the future.


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