Jamnagar Amritsar Expressway - A boom for people of four states


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Today, If anyone tries to travel to Gujarat from Amritsar than it takes more than one day but soon people will be able to travel to Jamnagar in Gujarat from Amritsar in 12-13 hours when the Jamnagar Amritsar Expressway will be complete. This expressway will complete in December 2025 and it will reduce the travel distance from 1450 KM to 1256 KM. However, the significant thing is the reduction of travel time from 26 hours to 13 hours. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 500 KM green section of this road coming into Rajasthan. The stretch which is open to the public starts from the village of Jakhdawali in Hanumangarh district to the village Khetlawas in Jalore district. 

Why Kiratpur - Mandi four-lane is not open to the public?

Narendra Modi's lead government is working on many highway projects so that it becomes easy for people to travel and also ease the supply of goods. People who have driven on the expressways know that it is much easier and safer to drive on them. The best thing is that people can save a lot of time which is usually wasted while crossing crowded cities. These new expressways and highways are designed in such a way that they cross the side of the big cities thus reducing unnecessary difficulties for people. This highway passes through four states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. With the availability of more good roads, people can think about exploring places which were once considered very far away. 


This road will meet the Ludhiana - Ajmer Expressway of the Pathankot - Ajmer economic corridor. From Amritsar, this road will follow the Amritsar - Katra - Delhi expressway highway to Tibba village in the Kapurthala district of Punjab. This road will utilise the existing expressways or upgraded existing roads at many places. This road will be a great boom for the people of the border area because it will ease road connectivity for them. 

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