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I posted about the Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) earlier too because I found many people struggling to find the results of their exams. Many frauds have been done in the name of this school board and there is news of fake certificates sold for Rs 10,000. For the first time, I have found a school education board whose website changes so fast and we can find multiple websites online. Initially, the first question which came to my mind was that Is Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board is a fake one or a real one because it is very hard to find the real and current active official website of this board. 

In 2008, the website of this board was www.bssbonline.com and then changed to www.bssbpatna.com. In the 2020 official letter of the board, the official website was written www.bssbpat.com. In an earlier 2019 official letter, two websites are mentioned www.bssbpat.com and www.bssbpat.in. Online I found the mention of biharsanskritshikshaboard.in as the official website. There is a website named bssbpatna.org that is currently live but it is not updated after 2017. Similarly, another online website bssbpat.in that was not updated after 2019. Many other websites of Board either don't work or their name is sold to someone other. 

Bihard Sanskrit Shiksha Board,Patna,

Bihard Sanskrit Shiksha Board,Patna,

The website which currently opens at the top of Google search is www.bssbpatna.ac but various protection warns about visiting this website because it contains malicious virus on it. 

Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board is a Fake or Genuine School Board?

All these things point out that Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board is a genuine school board or it is a fake one. I found the information from COBSE (Council of Boards of School Education) that the Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board is a genuine school board and they have clarified that the certificates issued by this board are valid from 05/10/2012. 

Bihard Sanskrit Shiksha Board,Patna,

On further investigation, I found that the Current Address, Telephone no and official website from the COBSE website

Address of Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board - Back Harding Road, 17 Chitkhora Pul Ke Bagal Mein Patna-800001 

Telephone Number - 0612- 2217880 

Official Website - http://www.bssbpatna.ac

What is the Issue with Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (Patna)

The biggest issue with the Bihar Sanskrit board is that its addresses and contact details change after some time and there are some wrong people active in the name of this board who create fake websites and advertisements to cheat the applicants by providing them false degrees. 

Precaution - It is very important to confirm with the official Board through their contact details before applying to any advertisements. The level of fraud in the name of this school board is very high as compared to other school boards because it is very hard to contact or find the real Board office or website. 


I hope that the Bihar government and higher authorities of the Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board with work in the direction to provide a single website (Not changing it every year) and by taking action against unofficial websites like other school boards in India do. 

The result of the Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board are available at New Website at the link https://results.bssbpatna.ac/

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