Do I enjoy this weather or wait for heavy rain challenges



In heavy rains, I am sleeping and dictating this article to my phone. Everyone loves to sleep when it is raining. It is raining heavily outside for the last two days in Punjab. Electricity is also cut to damage to the electrical wires or to the safety of people. Roads are closed due to damage or flood water on them so people do not have many options available. The situation is also the same for me in this Mausam, I love to eat pakodas or some fried stuff and later sleep during the rains. 

But the situation is not so good because if the rains continued in the same way then Punjab may face floods like in 1988. Already many low-lining areas of Punjab are facing flood waters up to 7 feet deep as the rains are continuing. We can see more damage from the rains and flood waters. The weather department also predicted that heavy rains may continue for the next two days. That’s causing a threat of heavy floods. Water from the hilly states is also reaching Punjab because they are also facing heavy rains.

At present Administration looks to be helpless. They are trying hard to save the people but the situation is out of control in a few places. Government machinery is doing what it can do west but things have become challenging due to heavy rains. Let’s see what the weather in the next few days has stored for us, now it is up to us whether you want to enjoy this weather or wait for the next challenge caused by heavy rains. 

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