Heavy monsoon rains in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh (Videos)


I have already written in the previous post on con condition of Indian cities in the heavy rains. This time it looks like the monsoon is early active in the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. In just two days 15% of the total monsoon rain fell in the two states. This heavy rain has caused much damage to the low-lining areas of the two states. There are still forecasts of more rain for the next few days which can make the situation even worse. Many people in both states have settled near the rivers and small water outlets. In the rainy season, these rivers start overflowing thus creating problems for the people living near them. When the floodgates of dams are opened due to surplus water then it creates more problems for the people. 

Under these situations, the administration evacuates the people living near the water bodies. Water entering the houses causes damage to the many essential items of people. In the Mohali district of Punjab, many people were evacuated from the societies where water level has gone as high as 10 feet. The roads to many villages in Punjab and Himachal have broken at multiple places thus cutting them from the rest of the district. This rain was very damaging for the mud houses and houses in bad conditions because many such houses fell under the pressure of rain. So far rain has stopped in most of the place but weather updates say that it will start again after midnight. 

Electricity is also not available at many places in both states after the heavy storm at night which makes the situation even bad for people. There is no guarantee that electricity will be restored by tonight or not. The administration of many districts like Ropar, and Nawanshahr have declared school holidays on 10th July because of the flood-like situation in these districts. People need to stop building their houses near the water bodies. Also, governments should clear the encroachments by people on the ways of rivers and water bodies so that water can flow freely upon heavy rains. 

Video of Heavy Rains and Floods in Himachal Pradesh-

Video of Heavy Rains and Floods in Punjab-

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