Pictures of the Panchvaktra Temple (Mandi) before and after the floods


Pictures, Panchvaktra Temple, Mandi

Last year, I took some pictures in front of the 300 years old Panchvaktra Temple in Mandi. It is one of the ancient temples made from stones by Shikra-style architects. This temple is situated on the confluence of the rivers Beas and the local river Suketi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva like Bhoothnath Temple in Mandi. Mandi is also known as Choti Kashi because of 80 plus temples in the city. Recently this temple came into national news because of the floods in Mandi - Kullu region. The flow in the Beas River was very fast and high during the floods. The water reached almost near the top of the temple. This temple is more than 35 feet tall and is almost 30 feet above the beas river during the normal flow. 

Panchvaktra Temple,

The water level almost reached the top of the temple but this temple stood firm on its ground which shows the strength of the age-old stone temple building technique of ancient India. These floods did heavy damage in the towns of Mandi, Kullu and Manali. Earlier also this temple has faced many floods in the past and stood firm. Last year during my visit to this temple in June 2022, I never thought that next year this temple will be covered in floods. Below people can watch the picture of the temple in floods and after the floods. 

Panchvaktra Temple in Floods

Flood, Panchvaktra temple,

Panchvaktra temple after floods 

Temple, Panchvaktra Temple,

Panchvaktra temple, floods,

Panchvaktra, temple, mandi,

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