Life is a big Joke (Why we should not take life seriously)


Life is like a brilliant joke, a source of joy and amusement most of the time. However, the unfortunate truth is that many people take this joke far too seriously. God has gifted us this life to revel in its beauty and create moments of fun. Yet, it is disheartening to witness the pervasive sorrow and unhappiness around us, much of which is either self-inflicted or a reflection of the flaws in our society. Our actions are often driven by greed or societal pressures, causing us to miss out on the many exquisite moments life offers. 

 As we enter this world as innocent souls with no thoughts or desires, all we truly desire is to bask in the joy of living. However, we burden these innocent souls from childhood with a barrage of expectations and desires, initiating a cycle that continues throughout life. Eventually, we may become egoistic individuals who struggle to adapt to change and find ourselves leading unhappy lives. The art of truly enjoying life seems to elude most of humanity, as it requires a profound understanding of a life unburdened by materialistic pursuits. 

 It is no secret that some people, despite living in opulence, remain unhappy, while there are wanderers with nothing to their name who exude boundless happiness. This enigmatic reality of life has perplexed many mystics throughout history. To those who do not comprehend life's essence, it appears strange and bewildering, but to those who have mastered the art of living, it becomes a source of boundless joy and excitement.
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