Update on the Ganga Expressway (A important highway through heartland of UP)

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 The main focus of Narendra Modi government is to improve road and rail connectivity in India to the world level. India is still far away from the huge network of expressway and fast roads as we see in the developed nations. In the US and Europe, roads are so good and safe that people love to travel long distances on their own vehicle. India is also becoming ready to join these nations with the formation of multiple expressways, four lanes and fast roads. Last time, I introduced you to the Amritsar Jamnagar expressway project and how it will ease the travel from Punjab to Gujarat. I also shared with you my experience of driving on the newly constructed Kiratpur - Mandi four lane and how it is easy to drive on this drive while saving time and petrol.  

Today, we will talk about another important expressway constructed in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh which will connect Meerut town of UP to the Prayagraj city of UP. It is the longest expressway so far constructed in Uttar Pradesh and it will have a length of 594 KM. This expressway will be of 6 lanes and also there is a provision to increase it to 8 lanes. The foundation of this expressway was laid down by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18th Dec, 2021 and it is expected to be complete by Dec, 2023. This expressway will be constructed at the cost of Rs 36200 crore. An airstrip will be made on this highway so that planes at land on it in case of emergency. People travelling on this expressway will get all the facilities like petrol pumps, restaurants, hotels etc. Even charging stations will be provided to charge the electric vehicles. 

The year 2024 is crucial for Narendra Modi because Loksabha elections will take place this year. It is important for the Narendra Modi government to come back to see these expressways finished fast. Below people can see a status report and information video of the Ganga Expressway. 

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