A new India-Pakistan Love story - Anju Nasrullah (Reverse one)

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In the last post on Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, I put this question forward that does love is really blond as it is said. The love story of Sachin and Seema became a world sensation when a Pakistani Muslim woman with her four children reached illegally India to meet her Hindu Boyfriend. This story is still in very much news and so far, the Indian government has taken no decision on the fate of Seema. The love story of Seema is taken as a wrong action by many people in Pakistan and they even talked of killing her if she returned to Pakistan. Now, a reverse love story has emerged where an Indian mother of two has reached Pakistan to meet her boyfriend. The name of the woman is Anju and she is from Alwar, Rajasthan. 

The name of her boyfriend is Nasrullah from Lahore. She meets Nasrullah on Facebook and falls in love with him. This news is presented in some Pakistani media as revenge for Seema Haider. Anju gave a statement through the Facebook video that she came to Pakistan on a legal visa and she request the media not to disturb her family and children back in India and that she will return soon to India. But today new videos emerged in which she has married to Nasrullah. It looks like women from both sides have started a competition of sorts. Such news become so viral because of the continuing tension between India and Pakistan. 

When Media contacted the family of Anju in Alwar then her husband told the media that he is unaware of her action and she told him that she was going to meet her friend in Jaipur. Her father said that she is a mad woman and she can do anything crazy. These incidents have also started a talk on the issue of that should we allow cross-border love between India and Pakistan. In future, we may see more such stories coming forward where women or men from one country cross the other country for their love. 

Video of a prewedding shot of Anju and Nasrullah -

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