Seema Haider a Friend or a Foe (A new India-Pakistan love story)

Seema Haider, Friend,  Foe,

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Recently, Seema Haider has become a big news in India and we often find her the topic of prime time. The story of her is also very interesting because when a 30-year-old Pakistani married woman with four children reaches India to meet her boyfriend then this news is likely to grab the attention of everyone. The name of her boyfriend is Sachin Meena who lives in Greater Noida. They both meet on the famous online game PUBG in 2019 and through this game their love took shape. Seema was living in Karachi city of Pakistan and she was the wife of Gulam Haider who currently works in the Gulf. Sachin is 5 years younger than Seema. Now this story has become very highlighted because of the tension between India and Pakistan. 

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Some people and senior police officers believe that it is not possible for an ordinary Pakistani woman to reach India with her four children so easily. To reach India, she sold her Karachi house for Rs 12 Lakh and then took the route of Dubai-Nepal to enter India. She has just studied up to 5th class but her confidence level and English speaking are much better than higher qualified people. Seema's uncle and brother both are in the Pakistan army and this information raises many concerns about Seema being a spy of Pakistan. Many of Seema's reels and videos shot in Nepal are going viral where Seema and Sachin can be seen romancing. 

After reaching India, Seema has converted herself to the Hindu religion and she wants to live her rest life with Sachin. Generally, similar situations we only see in movies where a hero enters Pakistan to rescue the heroine but in reality, such incidents are very rare.  Now Sachin and Seema's love story is a real one or a planned story, everyone is looking for these answers. Seema's earlier husband says that she is still his wife and he has not divorced her. He is demanding that she needs to be returned to Pakistan and to him. Indian police and agencies are still investigating this case to find the true motive of Seema Haider's entry into India. Seema Haider is also getting threatening calls from Pakistan to kill her when she returned back. 

So far, this real-life love story has become a headline because of the boldness of Seema Haider who took the drastic step of leaving Pakistan and reaching India by first reaching Dubai and then Nepal to finally enter India. We are emotional people and if we see through an emotional angle then this story looks very appealing but when we try to go through real facts then many doubts arise on this story. Now we can hope that our investigating agencies will work hard to find the truth. In the case of Seema and Sachin, it looks like love is really blind because a 30-year woman with her four children crosses the borders to reach her 25-year-old boyfriend in a neighbouring enemy country. 

Update - Police have arrested Seema and interrogated her for the evidence provided by her. Yesterday, police questioned her for 8 hours. 

Video of Seema Haider in Red Sari and In Nepal - 

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