School Bus coming on Wrong side killed 6 on Delhi-Meerut Expressway (Video)

 A few years back, it was the bad Indian roads which were responsible for most of the accidents on the road but Indian road systems are becoming quite advance with time. In India, 15K people die because of potholes in just five years. But the Narendra Modi government took all this very seriously and we see a great focus on the roads in the 9-year rule of the Modi government. Many world-class expressways and highways have come into the place which not only reduces the total distance of commuters but also makes the journey safe for the people because on one side people only drive in one direction. This thing was also true for the Delhi-Merrut expressway. The expressway was so good that it took only 45 minutes for people to reach Meerut from Delhi. 

The family of 7 members from the Merrut also thought so and started their early morning journey on this expressway. But a foolish Bus driver came fast from the wrong side and collided head-on with their jeep. The accident was so bad that the body parts of the victim got stuck in the vehicle. Six members of the family died on the spot and one 8 year child is admitted to the hospital in serious condition. This accident shows the ignorance of some people who keep on risking their and other's life. It is sad that there are no police officers or systems in place to stop the bus driver from moving on the wrong side. The bus driver was coming from the wrong side after filling CNG in his bus. He is mainly responsible for this act because first he was coming from the wrong side and second he was driving fast and carelessly. Below, you can find the video of this incident. A caution is required to watch this video because some people may find it very disturbing. 

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