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To properly diagnosis a disease

Today, there are millions of deadly diseases which affect millions of people across the world on daily basis . Medical science has seen major development is recent times and we can find treatment for many of such diseases. However, major problem is proper diagnosis of these diseases. There are many diseases which have similar systems as of others diseases; therefore, chances of misdiagnosis increases many times. One of such disease is mesothelioma and therefore, mesothelioma prognosis is often difficult. People need help of good medical care centre to properly diagnosis a disease; otherwise, it is not possible to start a proper treatment. If treatment goes wrong then it further becomes difficult to treat a patient.

Watch Top 20 Amazing Pictures

Below you can watch top 20 amazing pictures. All these pictures are shot at perfect time and they make us to think that what will happen next. This four minute long video is made of some of rare and amazing pictures and I hope that you will enjoy this presentation.

Bad Quality of Products online

Many times, we buy products from online stores because we find good deals online; however, when we use such products then we realize that there quality is not up to mark. Many online shopper become victim of this quality cheat; where they are provided with cheap quality products. Moreover, there is no guarantee sometimes that a big brand product bought online will have same quality or not. Recently, I bought Huggies dry diapers online. I got a good deal online and I was feeling very happy for buying this product online.  However, when we started using this product then we found its quality is very inferior as compared to same product bought from local market. Diapers from other brands like pamper last much long and provide great comfort to baby; however, these diapers of Huggies were lasting for half time and baby was feeling very uncomfortable. This incidence has clearly discouraged me from buying any other product online because by buying cheap products online, we loss more

Watch Some Photography Tips

Anyone who has ever captured pictures knows this fact that it is not an easy job to capture accurate pictures because people do numbers of mistakes and waste great option to capture a good picture. Below you can watch great video with numbers of tips to improve your photography skills and capture some of best pictures.

Watch Some Interesting Fact about the world and Technology

Our world is full of many amazing things and facts. Below you can find an interesting video to watch some of these interesting and amazing facts about the like 25% of Indian population has high average IQ which is more than whole population of US. Like this you can find many other interesting facts by watching this video. This is very useful video and it provides great information on useful facts of world. 

Medical Remedy from Eucalyptus

Nature has given us many wonderful plants which possess amazing healing properties. From many centuries, our ancestors have collected this knowledge to provide relief to mankind. One of such amazing gift of nature is eucalyptus . There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus present across the world. Eucalyptus oil is considered to have great healing properties. It has been used for its antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Even this plants and its oil is used for numbers of other treatments and remedies. We can get great benefits of this plant by using eucalyptus oil available in market . People can even buy this oil online from numbers of online pharmacy stores.

Watch Australia’s The Great Barrier Reef

One of wonderful natural gift present in Australia is The Great Barrier Reef. Here we can see world’s largest coral reef and many beautiful wonders of nature. This reef compromises of 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays. It is a great experience to enjoy beauty of this reef. Below people can find some glimpse of this reef by watching this video.

People die but their Ego doesn’t

Ego is something which gives existence to a person; however, too much of ego is bad for the personality of a person because it absorbs innocence out of a person. Mostly, people start becoming more and more egoist with time and they forget that they will die one day. In large, ego of people increases with their age and they die as very egoist human beings. After death everything comes to a finish and only hollow shell of human ego remains in this world. The biggest bad point of ego is that it blind people to so much extent that they stop seeing other human beings as human beings. An egoist person put himself at the top of world and find fault with all other people around them. It is important for us to not become victim of this trap of ego because it can steal our life our hands. It is very easy to live as an egoistic person in this world; however, biggest difficult task is to live as a selfless person without any trace of ego. When we remove ego from us then we die as a true human

Find Right Technique of Meditation

Meditation is very useful tool in our hands to get a healthy state of mind. However, problem with meditation is that large numbers of people do not know right technique of doing meditation; therefore, they fail to get full benefits of meditation. We can get great power from meditation if we properly learn to do meditation. Below, people can find very useful video to learn about right techniques of doing meditation.

Watch Video Presentation on Positive Thinking by B K Usha Behan

Today, this is an open secret that positive thinking is must for healthy and successful living. Large numbers of people in our world suffer from negative thinking and due to it, they are ruining their life. Negative thinking is like a slow poison which destroys our peace of mind and health. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to think positively. However, every less number of people knows how to think positively and what are side effects of negative thinking. Below people can find useful video presentation of positive thinking and how we can start thinking positively. I found this presentation very interesting and I hope that You will also find it useful.

Child Growth and Physical and Mental Activities

For the better growth of children, it is important to give them physical and mental activities because in this way, children develop better and faster. Today, people can find numbers of products in market which provide physical and mental activities to children. One of such great product is Jungle Gyms. Such gyms make children to use their mental awareness to finish physical hurdles fast. It is very easy to buy such product online and many affordable solutions are available as per the requirement. With such tools, children learn fast many activities which they may not learn otherwise. Concept of such innovative tools is very common these days to help children.

Fun of being parent for first Time

There is great fun in becoming a parent and when you become parent for first time then this fun increases many times. Children are very innocent and they easily attract your attention towards them through their crazy activities. I become father of a baby boy few months back and I am totally enjoying this experience. He does not allow me any time to remain free and always want me to carry him here and there. I enjoy playing with him and doing numbers of activities. I never thought before that it will be so great fun to become a parent. I love this new experience and I want to encourage all new parents that they should not miss this opportunity. Many parent miss this experience because their busy life. However, I want to say to them that they are missing a very unique and wonderful experience. With kids, we can enjoy great fun filled and stress free life because they constantly make you happy. Mostly, kids have very few desires and they only look for your time. When you give them lo

Watch 2012’s most Beautiful Women

Do you want to see 2012's most beautiful women then this video is for you. Here you can watch top Beautiful Women of 2012 from across the world. This list is created on the account of 82000 votes. Indian Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is at 13th position in this list and Aishwarya Rai is most Beautiful Woman of World as per this list. This is truly good news for India that most beautiful woman of world is from India.

Decrease in Prices of 3G in India

Finally, there is good news for all 3G services users in India that prices of 3G services are going to reduce by 70% in upcoming months. Airtel has already slashed its 3G services rate by 70% and soon, we can expect other companies following the same story. So far, 3G has failed to penetrate in Indian market because of high prices of 3G services as compared to other parts of world. Therefore, it is need of time to reduce prices of 3G so that more numbers of people can afford to use 3G services. Reduced rate of 3G services will result in increase of 3G users across India. Today, 3G network is available in many parts of India and it is possible for people to enjoy high speed internet at any place. With this price reduction, we can expect that more numbers of people will become part of 3G network. Reduced rates of 3G network will make it possible for large numbers of people to enjoy high speed wireless broadband at remote locations. This is a welcome step and it will definitely add mor

Watch Interview of Shahid Kapoor (Why he Fear Big Stars)

Below watch interview of popular Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor. In last few years, Shahid Kapoor has emerged as popular star in Bollywood and we can expect many hit films from him in future. In this interview, Shahid Kapoor is telling about his fear from big Bollywood stars like Amitabh, Salman and Shahrukh etc. People can watch complete report on this interview and his statement.

Strong Relationships means Happy Life

One of very easy solution available in front of us to live a happy life is to have strong relationships because we find ourselves very comfortable in strong relationships. When we have a strong relationship then we enjoy great harmony with all people in this relationship and they all respect and love each other. Every person in a strong relationship tries to make others happy.  On the other hand, people who do not enjoy strong relationships, they miss happiness in their life. People in weak relationship do not trust each other and they do not take care of each others happiness. Therefore, we mostly find people fighting with each others in weak relationships. A strong relationship is very important for living a good and happy life in this world.  People with strong relationships are happiest people in this world and they too enjoy great health and stress free life. While a weak relationship increases stress in life many times. Therefore, we all should work in direction to m

Beautiful Video Presentation of Quotes to Reach Your Goal

To attain success in life, it is very important for every person to reach his goals; however, we all know that it is not easy to get success and every person is required to put many efforts. Many times, people feel discouraged and they need good dose of inspiration. To help those people, I am sharing a video presentation of beautiful and motivating quotes. These quotes can help anyone to reach his goals and attain success in life.

Why it is important to go mobile?

In past few years trend of smart phones has increased very much; today large numbers of people use smart phones than ordinary phones. As per estimate, half of population of US now has smart phones and they use it to visit websites and do numbers of online tasks. Same story is present in every other country where numbers of people using smart phones is increasing very rapidly. Due to this trend, it has become important for all web owners to create mobile friendly versions of their websites because mobile friendly websites are much easier to access through smart phones as compared to full web pages. A good mobile website makes it very easy for visitors to find useful information or buy products online. Many webmaster those created mobile versions of their websites are seeing increase in revenue from mobile webs. In future, this trend is likely to increase with more numbers of people having smart phones. Below people can watch useful presentation on this topic that why to go mobile by usi

Google Search Vs Social Networking Websites

Few years back, Google Search engine was only option available in front of web users to search or discover important content online. However, today many people are discovering this content with the help of social networks. Many people now search for important news and information on social media networks. Overall impact of social media networks is very high and many people use such networks daily. There are billions of users of social media networks who visit these websites daily to share and discover new content. Due to this popularity of social media networks, numbers of people who used to visit Google search to discover important content is decreasing. Google also know this thing and they are trying hard to make their search engine attractive again. However, last all plans of Google have failed and there are very less chances that Google search will gain same popularity again in future. Google need a very different and innovative plan to make their search engine a hit again; ot

Beautiful Song on Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh

Recently, I came across one of old Himachali Songs which highlights beauty and life of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Today, numbers of things have changed and life is not totally same in Kangra as shown in this song. Though, this song is heart of Kangra Valley and presents it very well. I hope all people belonging to this place or who love this place will like this song.

Top 12 Healthy and Fat Burning Foods

Below, watch informative video on 12 top healthiest and fat burning foods. Today, obesity has emerged a major problem across the world with large numbers of people suffering from it. By adding these 12 food items to their diet, people can easily hope to reduce fat and enjoy healthy body. This is very informative video and I hope that people will get benefit from this information.

How Creativity Works? (Video Presentation)

Below people can watch important video presentation on How creativity works. In past, we have seen many such videos and study; however, this presentation looks closer to real answer. In this presentation, you can watch bestselling journalist and author Jonah Lehrer. With the help of this video, people can learn about real potential of their creativity.

Health is very essential part of life

Mostly, people realize importance of health when it is gone from their hands. It is very hard to regain health again once it is lost. However, large numbers of people do not take their health serious and compromise on many things. When people have sound health then many times they do thing which can put ill effect on their health; however, people do not mind it and continue doing same. Our body can sustain undue stress and strain to some extent after that it can stop working. Under such situations, people run for doctors and medications.  However, numbers of times they reach for medications very late and find life going out of their hands. It is important for us to understand importance of life and not to put unnecessary pressure of our body because one day our body will say no to us. To avoid this situation, we should always remember that health is essential part of life and we can’t enjoy life without sound health. Therefore, we should not do things which can put adverse effec

Great Nutritional Benefits of Vitamin C

We all know about Vitamin C; however, very less numbers of people actually know great nutritional benefits of Vitamin C. It is very hard for our body to remain healthy and fit without the help of Vitamin C. Scientific name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and it plays great role in fighting illness by enhancing our immunity. Generally, Vitamin C is found in large numbers of fruits and vegetable; therefore, it is much easier to get daily dose of Vitamin C. As per US FDA minimum requirement of Vitamin in body is 75-90 gram per day.  There are numbers of good effects associated with vitamin C and it is believed to prevent hypertension, it protects our eyes, skin and increases absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin C supplements are easily available in market at very economical rates; people can take them during health problems. By considering all benefits of Vitamin C, everyone should try to get daily dose of Vitamin in their diet.

According to Sonakshi- She is Real Rowdy

Soon Sonakshi and Akshay’s movie “Rowdy Rathore” is going to hit cinema screens across the globe. In this movie, we will see Akshay Kumar playing character of Rowdy Rathore. However, during latest promo campaign Sonakshi told media that she is real Rowdy in this movie. Akshay was also present during this interview. Below, people can watch complete interview.

What I Learned from my Younger Brother ?

Many times, we get valuable lessons of life from people much younger than us. These young and energetic people sometimes remind us about our weaknesses and wrong approach adopted by us to live our life. It is important for us to learn these good points and make our life interesting without allowing our ego to say no to it. Few days back, I noticed that level of stress is increasing in life and I was unable to find any strong reason. One day, my younger brother visited us and I got chance to spend some time with him.  During his stay with us, I noticed some of amazing things about him. One of such amazing thing about him was his commitment to do regular meditation daily. Due to this habit, he was able to remain energetic and stress free daily. One day, he also taught me some of Yoga and meditation exercises to reduce stress. Today, I am regularly doing Yoga and meditation exercises taught by him. Now, I enjoy much calm and stress free life. In this way, we all can learn numbers o

You only know your real potential

If anyone says to you that you do not have any potential then you should answer him straightway that You only know your real potential and he should not tell you anything. It is general tendency of people to highlight your weak points and do not give any attention to your strong points. In such situation, you know this truth that you are a strong human being despite having some weaknesses. First and difficult part of life is to convince ourselves that we are strong because otherwise others will always try to pull us down.  It is very very important for any person to believe on his strengths because otherwise he may not find enough power to face real life struggles. World is made up of selfish people who constantly change their loyalty towards strong and rich people in society. Therefore, you should not worry about criticism in life nor you should become proud by listening to your praise. 

Wisdom gained by Life Experience

As we become old with time, we gain great wisdom taught by life. Life is always a great teacher and it teaches us many lessons. There is no great experience like real life experience because to gain this experience, we need to go through the moments. We may learn many things by reading various books; however, these experiences can never match real life experiences. Real experiences are numbers of times eye openers for us because they teach deep rooted experiences to us.  Mostly, it is hard to forget an experience gained through life while we generally forget things learned by reading books. These real life experiences make us a real wise person and we gain wisdom of life. Many times, people fear to take risks or to experience new things in life; however, we should always remember that we will gain new experiences by doing all this. Mostly, we believe that failures are bad part of our life; however, they can be great experiences of life. Therefore, we should learn from real life

Watch HD Trailer Hindi Movie Shanghai

Below watch HD trailer of forthcoming Hindi Movie "Shanghai". This movie is a political thriller and it is directed by Dibakar Banerjee. The main start cast of movie includes Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Amin Raj. The story of movie is based on book titled "Z" written by Vassilis Vassilikos. This film is expected to release on June 8, 2012.

Truth is very powerful

If any person wants to become powerful or want to live life filled with power then he should follow the path of truth because truth can add great power to our life. Mostly people face problems in life because they follow the path of lie and deceive themselves and others. When we lie, we not only make others fool but we also make ourselves fool first. Path of lie may provide some success initially; however, in long run people repents their choice of path of lie. On the other hand, a person following path of truth always find happiness in life and he is respected by whole world. Path of truth may look very hard initially but it gives great success in long run. However, many people follow path of lie because of lack of patience. Anyone following path of lie must remember that this path will lead him towards his misery; though, initially it may look very attractive. A person who follows path of truth has nothing to worry and he becomes strong with passage of time. While a person followi

Mirror- A Must for every Home

It is like must to have mirrors in home because without a mirror, no one can see himself . Therefore, we find numbers of mirrors of various sizes in all homes. Mirrors can be easily bought from market as per the requirement and now, it has even become easier to buy different mirrors like framed mirror online. An attractive mirror at home increases the beauty of home many times. Mirror is a very useful products because guides us in various ways and we dress well because of it. Therefore, it is like must to have a good mirror at home to do various mirror related works. Thanks to convenience of buying mirrors online, we can buy many designed mirrors in minutes.

Oh God you are mine and everyone else is?

We live in a very selfish world where everyone is concerned about his own interests. I am not blaming anyone for selfishness because everyone is selfish to some extent in this world. Due to this selfish nature, people exploit their friends, relatives and numbers of other people. After some time, every person realizes this fact that he can’t truly love a person because every person wants fulfillment of his selfish motives from us.  We can only love God truly because god loves us back truly and he never has any selfish motives behind his love. Many religious leaders and great thinkers of time have already said that God is only truth present in this world and everything else is false. If we do not want to get hurt by loving people then we should start loving god and enjoy life as his blessing. When we love god then god also responds back to us by showering unconditional love on us. 

You matter only if you are alive

Mostly, people think too much about their future and how people will remember them after exist from this world. However, sad reality of this world is that you matter only if you are alive and dead people are forgotten very fast. This trend is catching up very fast in present world with more and more numbers of people becoming concerned with them only. Therefore, you should not waste your time by thinking about your future and time after your death. It is important for every person to enjoy his present time because it is his only treasure in your hand. If you want to do anything or enjoy anything then you should do it today and not postpone it to tomorrow. Your life is yours till you are alive and after that it doesn’t matter to anyone that you ever excited in this world. So enjoy you life in present and live each moment of life with full enjoyment. When you live your life fully then you never regret anything in your life and nor you worry about future.

Top 10 Beautiful Places in Pakistan

In past, hatred between India and Pakistan has stopped people of both nations to see each others good points. Today, relations between India and Pakistan are much calm and we can expect further improvement in their relations. Below, I am sharing beautiful presentation on top 10 beautiful places in Pakistan. With the help of this video, we can learn about these places. Many of these places were totally new for me and I hope you will also like this video.

Success is sure to come when you give your Best

If we go by statistics then we will realize that very few people actually succeed in life because large numbers of people do not give their best in life. When we give our best then sooner or later, we achieve success in life. Best efforts are always recognized and rewarded by others. Therefore, if any one wants to achieve success in life then he should give his best efforts. It is wrong to blame fate for our unsuccessfulness because mostly, it is error in our work which fails us. We should always work in direction to improve ourselves and make our work perfect. When we become best in something then our work always gets good recognition because everyone likes a perfect work. A perfect work always finds acceptance in world and everyone wants to see such work. Therefore, if any person wants to become successful in life then he should start giving his best in life.

Create your own Fashion Statement

Today, Fashion has become an integral part of every person’s lifestyle because everyone wants to look attractive and different. Fashion makes it possible to find many options to look attractive. By following new trends of fashion, any person can create his own fashion statement. Simple jewelry items like Bead Bracelet can provide great help in looking attractive and different. While dressing up, it is important for us to choose clothes and accessories to wear which suits us maximum. People can easily buy most of clothes and accessories online by visiting leading web stores. Online shopping has made it very easy to buy attractive products from the comfort of our homes, thus made it easy for us to look attractive.

Do not allow negative thoughts to decide your future

It is a sad story of many people’s life that negative thoughts are playing negative role in their life. Unfortunately, many people’s life is dictated by their negative thoughts; therefore, they always find negative things happening in their life. It is important for us to understand that positive thinking attract positive outcomes while negative thinking attracts negative outcomes. However, it is human tendency to think negatively most of the time. Every human being is required to change his thinking pattern so that he can think positively. Many people don’t know this fact that they think negatively and negative thinking is ruining their life; therefore, it even become hard for them to change their thinking. Negative thinking is like an illness which first corrupts our mind and then our body. It is important for us to stop this habit of negative thinking and become a positive thinker to live our life in positive manner. We can change habit of negative thinking by taking small step

Read 5 Thoughts in Hindi Picture Message on Life and Motivation

Below read five Thoughts in Hindi Picture Message on Life and Motivation. Click on any image to watch these picture in big size and to read English Translation. By implementing these thoughts in Life, people can make their more rewarding. These are Hindi Thoughts Picture Messages. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

It is important to take risks in Life

Sometimes, it makes sense to take some risks in life because otherwise we can’t achieve numbers of things in life. Though, it is wrong of take big risks without any preparation; however, we can go for small risks after taking due measures. By taking risks, we get a chance to win over our fears and become a fearless person. A person who does not take any risks mostly becomes a fearful person and he hardly enjoys any adventure in life. Many times, risks taken by us also open new opportunities in front of us which we may never find. Therefore, it becomes sensible to take calculated risks in life. Life opens new horizons to those people who dare to take risks and touch untouched things in life. Life can be very surprising and amazing if we dare to come out of our comfort zones. Therefore, we must take up small calculated risks life to become a strong and fearless person.

Rock Cut Temple, Masroor (Kangra, HP)

One of attractive and popular tourist destination in Himachal in Rock Cut Temples situated at Masroor in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. These templea are 32 KM from Kangra on Nagrota-Kangra Road. These temples are constructed in Indo Aryan style and there are total 15 of them. In recent few years, these temples have become very popular and Himachal government too celebrated Tourism week at this place. Below people can watch short video of Masroor Rock Temples.

Opportunity in Currency Market

Recently, we all have seen great increase and decrease in currencies across the world. These fluctuations in currencies across the world create a great opportunity to invest in currencies. Today, it is very easy to invest in currencies and there are many options available in front of people to invest in currencies. By properly investing in currencies, people can hope to increase their wealth by 10 to 50% in few months only. Though, people need to research well before investing in currency market because they can loss money too. Currency Trading is good investment option for people, if they take it wisely and invest in it after proper research. Like investing money in stock market, it is very easy to invest in currency market. Many Indian banks and online stock trading websites now provide options to trade in currency market too. Therefore, people who are looking for new investment options can try currency trading.

Are you inspired enough to work hard?

Mostly, we find lazy people in world because it requires lots of inspiration to work hard. Due to lack of inspiration and motive many people finds it very hard to work hard and achieve their goals. Therefore, we see very less numbers of people achieving real success in life. Without doing hard work, it is very difficult to achieve success in life and to do hard work, we need lots of inspiration and motivation. It is common tendency of every person to avoid hard work and look for easy options; however, when people are inspired enough then they do not find it hard to do hard work. Therefore, if you also want to work hard then you should look for something which inspires you enough to work hard. It is not hard for any hard working person to achieve his goals because they commit their 100 percent towards their goals. On the other hands, people who have no inspiration find it hard to work hard and therefore, they mostly fail in life. So, if you want to gain sure success in your life th

Watch Trailer of Forthcoming Movie "Gangs of Wasseypur"

Watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi Movie "Gangs of Wasseypur". This film is produced and directed by Anurag Kashyap. The main cast of film includes Manoj Bajpai, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Richa Chadda. Likely release date of this film is June 29, 2012. The story of film is inspired from real political murder mystery.