Great Nutritional Benefits of Vitamin C

We all know about Vitamin C; however, very less numbers of people actually know great nutritional benefits of Vitamin C. It is very hard for our body to remain healthy and fit without the help of Vitamin C. Scientific name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and it plays great role in fighting illness by enhancing our immunity. Generally, Vitamin C is found in large numbers of fruits and vegetable; therefore, it is much easier to get daily dose of Vitamin C. As per US FDA minimum requirement of Vitamin in body is 75-90 gram per day.

 There are numbers of good effects associated with vitamin C and it is believed to prevent hypertension, it protects our eyes, skin and increases absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin C supplements are easily available in market at very economical rates; people can take them during health problems. By considering all benefits of Vitamin C, everyone should try to get daily dose of Vitamin in their diet.
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