Decrease in Prices of 3G in India

Finally, there is good news for all 3G services users in India that prices of 3G services are going to reduce by 70% in upcoming months. Airtel has already slashed its 3G services rate by 70% and soon, we can expect other companies following the same story. So far, 3G has failed to penetrate in Indian market because of high prices of 3G services as compared to other parts of world. Therefore, it is need of time to reduce prices of 3G so that more numbers of people can afford to use 3G services.

Reduced rate of 3G services will result in increase of 3G users across India. Today, 3G network is available in many parts of India and it is possible for people to enjoy high speed internet at any place. With this price reduction, we can expect that more numbers of people will become part of 3G network. Reduced rates of 3G network will make it possible for large numbers of people to enjoy high speed wireless broadband at remote locations. This is a welcome step and it will definitely add more speed to Indian Internet revolution.
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