Truth is very powerful

If any person wants to become powerful or want to live life filled with power then he should follow the path of truth because truth can add great power to our life. Mostly people face problems in life because they follow the path of lie and deceive themselves and others. When we lie, we not only make others fool but we also make ourselves fool first. Path of lie may provide some success initially; however, in long run people repents their choice of path of lie.

On the other hand, a person following path of truth always find happiness in life and he is respected by whole world. Path of truth may look very hard initially but it gives great success in long run. However, many people follow path of lie because of lack of patience. Anyone following path of lie must remember that this path will lead him towards his misery; though, initially it may look very attractive. A person who follows path of truth has nothing to worry and he becomes strong with passage of time. While a person following path of lie becomes weak with passage of time. Now it is your choice to follow a path of happiness or path of misery.
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