Wisdom gained by Life Experience

As we become old with time, we gain great wisdom taught by life. Life is always a great teacher and it teaches us many lessons. There is no great experience like real life experience because to gain this experience, we need to go through the moments. We may learn many things by reading various books; however, these experiences can never match real life experiences. Real experiences are numbers of times eye openers for us because they teach deep rooted experiences to us. 

Mostly, it is hard to forget an experience gained through life while we generally forget things learned by reading books. These real life experiences make us a real wise person and we gain wisdom of life. Many times, people fear to take risks or to experience new things in life; however, we should always remember that we will gain new experiences by doing all this. Mostly, we believe that failures are bad part of our life; however, they can be great experiences of life. Therefore, we should learn from real life experiences and become a real wise person. 
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