Oh God you are mine and everyone else is?

We live in a very selfish world where everyone is concerned about his own interests. I am not blaming anyone for selfishness because everyone is selfish to some extent in this world. Due to this selfish nature, people exploit their friends, relatives and numbers of other people. After some time, every person realizes this fact that he can’t truly love a person because every person wants fulfillment of his selfish motives from us. 

We can only love God truly because god loves us back truly and he never has any selfish motives behind his love. Many religious leaders and great thinkers of time have already said that God is only truth present in this world and everything else is false. If we do not want to get hurt by loving people then we should start loving god and enjoy life as his blessing. When we love god then god also responds back to us by showering unconditional love on us. 
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