You matter only if you are alive

Mostly, people think too much about their future and how people will remember them after exist from this world. However, sad reality of this world is that you matter only if you are alive and dead people are forgotten very fast. This trend is catching up very fast in present world with more and more numbers of people becoming concerned with them only. Therefore, you should not waste your time by thinking about your future and time after your death.

It is important for every person to enjoy his present time because it is his only treasure in your hand. If you want to do anything or enjoy anything then you should do it today and not postpone it to tomorrow. Your life is yours till you are alive and after that it doesn’t matter to anyone that you ever excited in this world. So enjoy you life in present and live each moment of life with full enjoyment. When you live your life fully then you never regret anything in your life and nor you worry about future.
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