Health is very essential part of life

Mostly, people realize importance of health when it is gone from their hands. It is very hard to regain health again once it is lost. However, large numbers of people do not take their health serious and compromise on many things. When people have sound health then many times they do thing which can put ill effect on their health; however, people do not mind it and continue doing same. Our body can sustain undue stress and strain to some extent after that it can stop working. Under such situations, people run for doctors and medications. 

However, numbers of times they reach for medications very late and find life going out of their hands. It is important for us to understand importance of life and not to put unnecessary pressure of our body because one day our body will say no to us. To avoid this situation, we should always remember that health is essential part of life and we can’t enjoy life without sound health. Therefore, we should not do things which can put adverse effect on our health. 
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