People die but their Ego doesn’t

Ego is something which gives existence to a person; however, too much of ego is bad for the personality of a person because it absorbs innocence out of a person. Mostly, people start becoming more and more egoist with time and they forget that they will die one day. In large, ego of people increases with their age and they die as very egoist human beings.

After death everything comes to a finish and only hollow shell of human ego remains in this world. The biggest bad point of ego is that it blind people to so much extent that they stop seeing other human beings as human beings. An egoist person put himself at the top of world and find fault with all other people around them.

It is important for us to not become victim of this trap of ego because it can steal our life our hands. It is very easy to live as an egoistic person in this world; however, biggest difficult task is to live as a selfless person without any trace of ego. When we remove ego from us then we die as a true human beings.
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