What I Learned from my Younger Brother ?

Many times, we get valuable lessons of life from people much younger than us. These young and energetic people sometimes remind us about our weaknesses and wrong approach adopted by us to live our life. It is important for us to learn these good points and make our life interesting without allowing our ego to say no to it. Few days back, I noticed that level of stress is increasing in life and I was unable to find any strong reason. One day, my younger brother visited us and I got chance to spend some time with him. 

During his stay with us, I noticed some of amazing things about him. One of such amazing thing about him was his commitment to do regular meditation daily. Due to this habit, he was able to remain energetic and stress free daily. One day, he also taught me some of Yoga and meditation exercises to reduce stress. Today, I am regularly doing Yoga and meditation exercises taught by him. Now, I enjoy much calm and stress free life. In this way, we all can learn numbers of amazing things from younger generation to stay healthy and fit. 
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