Fun of being parent for first Time

There is great fun in becoming a parent and when you become parent for first time then this fun increases many times. Children are very innocent and they easily attract your attention towards them through their crazy activities. I become father of a baby boy few months back and I am totally enjoying this experience. He does not allow me any time to remain free and always want me to carry him here and there.

I enjoy playing with him and doing numbers of activities. I never thought before that it will be so great fun to become a parent. I love this new experience and I want to encourage all new parents that they should not miss this opportunity. Many parent miss this experience because their busy life. However, I want to say to them that they are missing a very unique and wonderful experience.

With kids, we can enjoy great fun filled and stress free life because they constantly make you happy. Mostly, kids have very few desires and they only look for your time. When you give them love then they give many times more love back to you. Due to my kid, I have learned to enjoy life and see it fresh. I am very thankful to god for this great experience.
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