Bad Quality of Products online

Many times, we buy products from online stores because we find good deals online; however, when we use such products then we realize that there quality is not up to mark. Many online shopper become victim of this quality cheat; where they are provided with cheap quality products. Moreover, there is no guarantee sometimes that a big brand product bought online will have same quality or not. Recently, I bought Huggies dry diapers online. I got a good deal online and I was feeling very happy for buying this product online. 

However, when we started using this product then we found its quality is very inferior as compared to same product bought from local market. Diapers from other brands like pamper last much long and provide great comfort to baby; however, these diapers of Huggies were lasting for half time and baby was feeling very uncomfortable. This incidence has clearly discouraged me from buying any other product online because by buying cheap products online, we loss more money than saving it.   
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