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Expectations from Union Finance budget 2011

On 28 th Feb, Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee will present Indian Union budget in front of Loksabha and people of India . In developing countries like India , people have lots of hopes from union budget because country’s growth depends on good finance budget. Therefore, every finance minister tries it hard to make a perfect budget which should suit every Indian citizen and fulfill corporate expectations. However, most of finance minister give populist budgets for getting votes in elections than giving important to financial development. India is a developing country and for becoming a developed nation, we need help of good financial budget. Hopefully, this time we will see a good budget directed towards financial growth of India and making life of ordinary people simpler. People can watch Indian financial budget live by visiting Watch Live Union Financial Budget 2011-12 India . Here people can find multiple links to watch live union financial budget of India 2011-12. On 28

Excitement of Cricket World Cup

Presently, we can see lots of excited and happy faces in India because they are getting chance to world class cricket world games. Indians have always remained great fan of cricket world cup and Indian cricket fans never miss a single to watch Indian cricket match. So far, Indian cricket team looks very strong in this world cup and we can hope that Indian cricket team will emerge as winner in this world cup. Though, we all know that competition is very hard and Indian cricket team is required to beat strong world teams like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. India has won its first match against Bangladesh with good margin and we can hope that Indian cricket team will win its second group match against England in similar manner. Cricket excitement is present in every part of India and whole of country looks to have got coloured in cricket world cup colours. We can hope to see major increase in this excitement with the progress of cricket world cup. If Indian cricket tea

Important Live Links India Vs England (Ind Vs England)

Whole of India is very excited to see second cricket match of India with England. So far, Indian cricket team has won its first cricket match and England also won its first group match. Win in this match will increase chances to India to enter quarter final round with ease. In India, we can find great excitement for watching cricket matches and this excitement increases many times when it is cricket world cup match. This match will be played in Bangalore and all tickets of match of match are sold out; though thousands of cricket fans failed to get tickets. India Vs England (Ind Vs Eng) Match will start at 2:30 PM (Indian Time) and It is a day night match. For the help of people who do not want to miss any important moment of this match, I am adding few important links to enjoy India vs England match live scores, live commentary, live stimulation, watch live etc. By following this links available below, people can find all important information related to India vs England Cricket World

Watch Live Union Financial Budget 2011-12 India

Finance Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee will present Union Financial budget of India for year 2011-12 on 28th Feb at 11 AM. Indian financial minister presents financial budget before Loksabha every year for the allocation of funds, announcing new schemes/policies, to shows losses or profits in last financial years and numbers of other matter related to Indian government finances. This budget is then required to be passed by parliament of India to become functional. Union budget is very important for the smooth functioning of Indian government because it helps in smoothing running of Indian government. A good financial budget do also leads to strong economical growth in country and give benefits to general public; therefore, people of India always have great hopes from Union budget. We can hope that finance Minster will present a good budget which will fulfill expectation of all. People who want to watch live Union financial budget for year 2011-12 can get the help of live Loksabha t

Peace of Mind

In life, we may achieve anything; however, our life is incomplete till we find peace of mind. There are many successful, powerful and rich people in our world but most of them do not enjoy peace of mind because peace of mind is not directly associated with achievements and success. Though, successes and achievement can provide some help in getting peace of mind but no one can attain it, with worldly achievements only. Peace of mind is mainly an internal phenomenon and we can get peace of mind by developing inner peace. When any person finds inner peace then his life does not remain dependent on external objects. A poor person can have peace of mind if he enjoys inner peace whereas a rich and successful can not have peace of mind if he does not enjoy inner peace. For living a good life in this world, most important thing present in front of is peace of mind.

Watch Live Union Railway Budget India 2011-12

Presently, Budget session is on in Loksabha and in this session, Indian railway minister Kumari Mamata Banerjee will submit Indian Railway budget before Lokshaba for the year of 2011-12. This budget will tell earnings, expenditures and profits/losses associated with last year working of Indian Railway. Moreover, financial minister will allot more funds for next year functioning of Indian Railway. In this Railway budget, Railway Minister will decide that she is increasing current fare charges of Indian railway or she is decreasing railway fares. As like all India, I will want that Railway minister should maintain same fare and increase facilities on Indian Railway. A good railway budget is very important for the success of Railways and wrong Railway budget can create problems in the smooth working of Railway. So far, Kumari Mamata Banerjee has given average or popular railway budgets to attract voters. This time we can expect similar budget from her as West Assembly Elections are due in

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011

Tamil Nadu assembly election 2011 is likely to take place in April/May month most probably with West Bengal Assembly election. Election of commission of India will soon declare dates of Tamil Nadu assembly election. There are total of 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu and any party or alliance needs to win 117 seats to form government in Tamil Nadu. Presently, Tamil Nadu is governed by DMK (The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) and its alliance partners. DMK chief M Karunanidhi is present chief minister of Tamil Nadu. DMK alliance includes parties- DMK, Congress, PMK, CPI (M), CPI and Muslim League. In 2006 Tamil Nadu assembly election, DMK alliance won 163 seats out of total 234 seats and main opposition alliance lead by All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) won only 57 seats. In past Tamil Nadu has seen alternate ruling by DMK and AIADMK alliances. If we go with same trend then AIADMK is going to get success this time. Present DMK government is facing many corruption charges l

Pakistan can win World Cup: Waqar Younis

As per Pakistani coach and former fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team Waqar Younis Pakistan has good chances of winning world cup 2011. He said in recent interview to media that Pakistan team is capable of winning this world cup and no team should undermine Pakistan. Due to recent controversies, Pakistan team is struggling to make its strong point in 2011 world cup; however, with good performance Pakistan team can improve its image in cricket world. Will Pakistan cricket team do well in world cup or not? We will get this answer when cricket world cup will finish. Below, people can watch video of this interview of Waqar Younis. For live score visit- Watch Live Score India Vs Pakistan (ind vs pak) second Semi final match CWC 2011

Who will win West Bengal Assembly Election?

As I told in my last post West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 that West Bengal Assembly election is going to biggest election in India this year. This is first assembly election to take place in 2011. With 2011 West Bengal assembly election approaching near, every person wants to know answer of this question that Who will win West Bengal Assembly Election? All predictions are on and many election analysts are trying to predict outcome by giving their opinion polls. However, we all know that this time West Bengal Assembly election will see good competition to 30 years long rule of Left Democratic Front (LDF). Congress and Trinamool combine is looking very strong this time and for first time in 30 years, we can hope for change in rule over West Bengal . Congress and Trinamool alliance have showed their strength in 2009 assembly election by winning 60% of Loksabha seats (won 25 Loksabha seats) whereas LDF succeeded in winning only 36% Loksabha seats (won 15 Loksabha seats). In 2006 We

Live Cricket scores Toolbar

I always share numbers of successful toolbar information with people and this time, I am sharing information about live cricket scores toolbar . This toolbar is very useful tool for getting live scores on desktop . People can get live scores of multiple matches with the help of this toolbar. This toolbar also provide live cricket news, live sports radio, live worldwide TV, live cricket world cup 2011 links. People can download this Live cricket scores toolbar here for accessing live cricket scores of all matches. This toolbar is ideal for all cricket fans who want to access live cricket from their desktop. On this toolbar, people can enjoy complete coverage of 2011 ICC cricket world cup like live world cup scores, time table , schedule, watch live etc. This toolbar is free to download and provides a trusted solution in front of us to get updated to cricket. This toolbar cover all leading cricket events and provide important information on these events. It takes just few seconds

How beautiful our world is? See your self Video presentation

Our world is full of many beautiful things, places, birds, flowers and many other things. However, unfortunately he hardly gets time to see this beauty of world because of busy life. Most of common people remain busy in daily routine life which hardly provides them any time to see beauty of world. It is important for every one to come out of daily routine and explore some of nature’s beauty and I am sure you will truly feel amazed after seeing it. Below, I am sharing one such video presentation which highlights beauty of our world.

Watch Beautiful presentation of pet’s pictures

It is very common to find beautiful pets in every home. Pets are part of human life from many past many centuries and we keep them in our homes because they are good companions of humans. Below, I am sharing a beautiful presentation made of some of these beautiful pets. People can enjoy beautiful poses and expression given by these pets.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2011

Next Forthcoming biggest election in India is West Bengal assembly election 2011 and whole of country is curious to know final outcome of this election. West Bengal assembly election is likely to take place in April/May month this year (For Election Dates visit- Assembly Election 2011 Kerala Dates ) The main fight in assembly election will be between Indian National Congress-Trinamool Congress combine and Communist Parties combine (Left Democratic Front). In 2006 West Bengal assembly election, Left Democratic Front (LDF) got major victory in Assembly Election by winning 233 assembly seats out of total 294 West Bengal Assembly seats. In 2006 Assembly election, Indian National Congress and Trinamool Congress fought separately; however, both failed to show any impressive show. 1n 2006, Congress won 24 seats and Trinamool Congress combine 30 seats. In 2006 BJP and Trinamool Congress fought West Bengal election together. This time Trinamool and Congress have joined hands and they are caus

Comparing different Insurance plans

It is very important for any person to compare various insurance plans before selecting a single plan because there may be a good rate difference or risk coverage difference in different policies. Therefore, by making comparison of all available options in hand, people can select a good plan at cheap rates and with maximum benefits. We can find cheap auto insurance for our car by checking various plans and comparing them. In present world, companies and their executives claim lots of things; however, we are required to make our own judgment because every company claim its plan best. There are many websites available online which help us in comparing different plans and find a good plan for our self. In this way, people can save good amount of money while getting best insurance cover.

Watch Trailer World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

Watch high definition trailer of Hollywood’s forthcoming sci-fi and action film “World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles”. This film is based on concept of align invasion. In this film, people can watch many extraordinary actions and super graphics. This film will be released on 11 March, 2011. It is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and main cast of movie includes Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan.

Watch HD Trailer of Movie Prom

Below watch high definition trailer of Hollywood’s forthcoming film “Prom”. The category of film is Comedy and drama. Prom is story of High school Teenagers and prom preparations. This film will release in USA on 29 April, 2011. It is directed by Joe Nussbaum and main cast of film includes Aimee Teegarden, Nicholas Braun and Christine Elise.

Hopes of India in Cricket World Cup 2011

Indian cricket team will face other 13 cricket teams in upcoming cricket world cup. All 14 cricket teams will put their hard efforts to win this world; however, we know that only one time will win this world cup. Now main question is that which team will succeed in winning cricket world cup? It is very difficult to give answer to this question because cricket is very unpredictable game and any team can do any wonder during this world cup. This time Indian cricket team stands a good chance to win this world cup because National and International performance of team has remained very good. Presently, Indian cricket team rank 1st in ICC test ranking and 2nd in ICC ODI ranking which again shows strength of Indian cricket team. Moreover, Indian cricket team can be boastful of its legendary cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Mohinder Singh Dhoni, who can win any game single handedly. In two world cup practice matches, Indian team has shown great performance by winning both g

Relock on Desktop computers

Many people believe that time of desktop computers has gone and we should look for portable computers or smart phones. Laptops and notebooks have become very popular because of their smaller size and advance functionalities. However, in mean times desktops have also changed significantly and they are giving full competition to portable form of computers. Recently, I got chance to see range of acer desktops and I felt very surprised by seeing new features and slim size of these desktops. It is very easy for us to move desktops from one place to others and their size has decreased considerably as compared to their old counterparts. People can easily go for these desktops which offer best computing solutions. People can find many upgraded inputs and high performance with today’s desktop computers which are missing in portable computers.

Watch HD Trailer I Am Number Four

Below watch High definition trailer of Hollywood’s forthcoming film “I Am Number Four”. This film is directed by D.J. Caruso and main caste of film includes Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant and Dianna Agron. I am Number Four is a suspense cum action film and it will be released in US tomorrow.

Advantage of storing Pictures Online

Thanks to the availability of wide range easy to operate digital cameras, we can capture many pictures. With digital technology, we can capture as many pictures and delete unwanted pictures at the spot only. A 12 Mega pixel digital camera is available in India for Rs 6000 only and most of Indians can afford this much prize. Today, people are not depended on developing roles and there is no limit on capturing pictures. This digital revolution has made every person a photographer because they have now got power to capture unlimited pictures. This is a great boom for all people who always wanted to capture lots of pictures; however, this revolution has created one new problem and that is where to store these pictures. Today, people can have 100s of GB of data related to stored pictures only. Many times, it become very difficult for us to store these pictures safely because digital data can only remain safe if we store it on more than two places. For examples, I lost 30 GB worth of picture

Help of online services

Today, we can easily get help of various services available online for doing number of jobs from home. Unlike past, now we can stay at home and order number of services or products to be delivered at our home. One of such popular online service is online printing service. People who are looking for printing solutions for business cards, post cards, and brochures can get help of online printing service to get these products printed online from them. People are just required to order desired items for printing from this service and printed products will be delivered to them at their home. In this way, people save their time and good their work done easily. Many such online services are making it very easy for to do numbers of essential work from our homes.

Watch HD trailer X-Men First Class

Below, watch high definition trailer of forthcoming Hollywood film “X-Men First Class”. This is new movie in popular X-Men series. This film is directed by Matthew Vaughn. The main cast of film includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. This super action packed film is going to release in India soon.

Thoughts on cricket world cup

Cricket world cup is going to start in Indian subcontinent in few days and it will last for one and half month approximately. For this whole time, we will see people gluing to their TV screens or speculating about world cup outcomes. In this part of world, it is very hard to challenge popularity of game of cricket because here people religiously follow game of cricket. I have also grown up with game of cricket and I do love to watch cricket games. Like billions of other Indians I am too very excited about upcoming cricket world cup. Indian cricket team won last cricket world cup in 1983; therefore, every Indian wants that Indian cricket team should win this world cup. Main competition of Indian cricket team is with strong cricket teams like Australia, South Africa etc. Within few days, we would learn about winner of cricket world cup and all speculations will come to end. So far, we have many exciting games of cricket waiting for us. Despite all this fanfare, world cup has become mone

Advantage of All Inclusive Vacations

Vacation may be a simple word in English dictionary; however, this word has great power stored in it, to make anyone happy by just hearing this word, because we all love to go on an exciting vacation! Today, we have many options for good vacations available in front of us with large numbers of countries opening their doors for tourism. However, it is still a very cumbersome job to plan a good vacation because we are required to plan a number of things in advance like selecting our hotel, booking the airline after comparing flights, booking the hotel, shuttle service etc. To solve this problem, we can get help of all inclusive vacation packages. There are many good all inclusive packages available on the market from various travel companies and travel websites. These packages make our vacations very easy to organize because everything related to our vacation is taken care of by tour operators only. People do not need to worry about hotel bookings, cab booking, tour booking etc. with the

Hard work always pays

So far in life, I have never met a single person who is a hard working and he is a failure because hard working people always achieve success in life. Though, many times we may not get desired results of some of our hard works; however, with constant habit of hard work we soon become successful. Mostly, people put all blame of their failures on luck while justifying their inactions. Lord Krishna has said in The Geeta that one should never deviate from path of karma under all circumstances. Karma means doing our work with whole efforts. In present world, we can meet lots of people who do not put their hard efforts in their work and wait for time or situation to be in their favors. While on the other hand, hard working people not only create opportunities for themselves but they do help many others by creating opportunities for them too. Hard working people never fear any situation in life and they only trust their ability to work hard. While lazy or pessimist always blame luck or God fo

Get live Cricket World Cup 2011 Point Table

ICC cricket world cup is starting from 19th Feb and whole world is waiting for this sport’s events. There are billions of fans of cricket across the world and they all want to enjoy this game. For the help of all these people, I am adding below multiple options to see live pint table of cricket world cup. In each group, there are seven teams and out of which only four teams will qualify for quarter’s final round. Therefore, points and run rate will play crucial role in sending these four teams to next round. These point tables will got updated automatically and people can get present standing of each team in their respective group with the help of this table. Also visit- Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score India Vs Sri Lanka (ind vs sl) cricket world cup final match Download our free toolbar for Live scores Cricket World Cup 2011, TimeTable/Schedule, Points Table, Live Cricket News, Live TV and many more. Download Now

Awareness about drugs

Mostly, people have very less information about drugs they are using because they trust their physicians and information provided by drug companies. However, many times people discover after using drugs that these drugs have many side effects and they can cause injuries too. For example, drug Accutane causes side effects like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease and various ulcers. With awareness about drugs, people can avoid many such side effects. People can also file law suit against drugs causing injury with the help of local lawyers. As per the prevailing laws, it is possible to get compensation in injury cases. If any such drug has caused an injury to you then you can get help of law to get compensated. It is also duty of pharmaceutical companies to test their drugs well so that they should not cause problems to people using them.

Making a Website Successful

Today, there are billions of websites present in the online world and millions of new ones are being added to this list every month. All this makes the market very-very competitive and hard to enter and become successful. However, every webmaster still dreams about the success of his website. There are many solutions and options presently available for webmasters to make their website a big success and one of such solutions is organic search engine optimization. With the help of organic search engine optimization, it is possible for any webmaster to increase the visibility of his website on search engines and get his website placed at the top of search engine results. Around the world, all major and smaller websites obtain the help of search engine optimization to optimize search results for their websites. We all know this fact, that maximum numbers of visitors come to any website from search engines, and it is not possible for any website to survive for long if search engines do not

Who will win Cricket World Cup 2011?

Presently, this question is making nervous many cricket fans across the world that who will win 2011 Cricket world Cup. Total, 14 cricket teams from 14 cricket playing nations will take part in this world cup and every team will enter this world cup with same dream of winning this world cup. However, we all know that only one team will win this world cup and rest of the teams have to wait for next four years. Last cricket world cup took place in West Indies in 2007 and it was won by Australia. Australian cricket team is winning Cricket world cup from consecutive three times. Therefore, Australia is again main contender for winning this world cup; however, in last four years performance of Australian cricket team has decreased considerably. My choice of team for winning cricket world 2011 is India because Indian cricket has improved its performance considerably in last four years and every players of Indian cricket team is looking deadly enough to provide great victory in cricket wo

Advantage in Gold Buying

From time to time, we have seen great increase in gold prices and many gold investors have benefited from this increase in gold prices. Presently, it looks that gold prices are going to cool to some extent after paying excellent returns to its investors. People can see future opportunity with this decrease in gold prices and they can think about buying gold. People can easily buy gold coins to invest in gold. In future, we all can again hope for increase in gold prices. It is certain that gold prices will again increase in future and people can benefit from this increase. It is wrong to hope good return from fluctuating stock market whereas we can hope to secure and good returns from gold investment. Gold investment is very secure investment option available in front of us to increase our money and enjoy true benefits of investing.

Watch trailer Satrangee Parachute

Below watch trailer of forthcoming new children based Hindi film “Satrangee Parachute”. The main cast of film includes Jackie Shroff, Kay Kay Menon, Zakir Hussain, Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Rupali Ganguly, Lilliput and Siddhartha Sanghani. This film is directed and produced by Vineet Khetrapal. This flim is based on story of a child’s life.

Pictures Maa Sheetla Langar

Maa Sheetla is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Durga and she is also known to cure various pox diseases. Maa Shitala is popular as Mariamman in Tamil Nadu. She has wide spread acceptance among Hindi devotees across India. A donkey (ass) is ride of Maa Sheetla and People pray to her for getting cured from diseases like small pox, chicken pox. Yesterday, my family organised open Langar at Maa Sheetla Temple to show respect to Maa. Below, I am enclosing some of pictures of this occasion.

Cost of Living in Big cities

We all pay a price by living in big cities because on one side big cities give something to us and on the other side they take many things away from us. Life in big cities remain full of hurried daily life, jammed roads, polluted air, noise pollution and never ending race to survive. In big cities, we live a stressful and fast life where we have no time for our self and our family whereas in small town or villages, we get good opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family members. In big cities, we inhale polluted air and drink unhygienic water as compared to pure air and water of small towns and villages. In big cities, we have no touch with nature and we hardly have time for relaxation in nature whereas we find many opportunities to interact with nature and see many miracles and beauty of nature. In big cities, we waste lots of time in travelling due to highly traffic on roads whereas we hardly waste any time on travelling in small towns and villages. In big cities, due to short

Watch Maruti Kizashi (Launch Video)

Finally, Maruti introduced its luxury sedan Kizashi in Indian Market. So far, Maruti (India’s main Car Manufacturer) has failed to make presence in this segment. We know Maruti for world’s most selling car Alto or Cars in medium segment like Swift and Swift Dzire. Priced between Rs 16.5 Lakh to Rs 17.5 Lakh, this sedan is likely to ensure some market share for Maruti Udyog in this segment. This car has got mixed reviews; however, Maruti’s pan India presence and people’s trust on Maruti will help in some sales of this car. To get feel of this car and learn more about its looks (exterior/interior), I am adding launch video of this Maruti Kizashi.

Saving plays main role in getting rich

Mostly, people believe that they will become rich when they start earning more and this is biggest mistake which most of us do. No person in this world can become rich unless, he understands advantage of saving money. Mostly, when we get money then we get lured to spend it and mostly, high earners top list of spenders; therefore, many times these high earners have fewer saving as compared to people earning much less than them. Saving is an art in front of us to increase our wealth and simultaneously secure our future. It is important for every earning person to save at least 20% of his earning and invest it wisely. When we save money and invest it regularly then soon we have enough money to fulfil numbers of our dreams like buying a good house, dream education for children etc. However, generally people do not give much importance to saving money and their savings remain less than 5% of their earning in general. Today, we live in a materialistic world where we can find millions of attr

Illegal distribution of Content of

To whom it may concern Subject- Illegal distribution of Content of Please not that it is illegal to accept content of from any website or content distribution website. Recently, we suffered a fraud with website named (promoted by ). For information, is no way authorised to distribute any content available on this website. If anyone buys any content from them then they will be directly responsible for all damage. This is also warning against wrong practices of (promoted by which is misleading web owners with false agreements. Regards, Arvind Katoch

Increasing rate of Unemployment in India

Problem of unemployment is faced by almost all nations of world and developed countries like USA have not succeeded in eradication of this problem. In India, unemployment has remained one of biggest problem faced by the nation. As per 2009 report, unemployment rate in India is 10.7% which is very high rate of unemployment in all standards. Yesterday, we got chance to see effect of this unemployment when more than 6 Lakh aspirants reached Bareilly city of UP to take part in ITBP recruitment. There were only 480 vacancy for which lakhs of unemployed youth reached city. Situation became worse when ITBP personal found it hard to manage this crowd and suspended recruitment. This whole incidence angered youth and they restored to rampage in Bareilly city. Later, youth reached railway station and took trains to their destinations. However, due to less numbers of available trains and less space inside trains, many students sat on train rooftop. Near Shahjahanpur, a railways accident caused de

Thoughts in Hindi (Hindi SMS) 2

Below, I am submitting second list of seven new Hindi thoughts. Earlier, seven thoughts in Hindi got very good response and I hope that people will like these new Hindi thoughts too. To read earlier seven thoughts visit Thoughts in Hindi . Few thoughts are general and some are written by me. These thoughts on life experiences; therefore provides a great chance in front of us to improve ourselves. " 35 Famous Hindi Thoughts and Quotes (HD Picture Messages)"  [Kindle Edition] Our First Book  Download Here 1) एक जलती हुई जीवन में अपने लक्ष्यों को प्राप्त करने की इच्छा और चाहने में, उम्मीद करने में, इच्छुक होने में के बीच बहुत बड़ा अंतर है .. 2) कार्रवाई के कार्यक्रम के लिए जोखिम और खर्चे उठाने पड़ते है, लेकिन वे सब आरामदायक काम न करने की स्थिति की लंबी दूरी के जोखिम और लागत से भी कम हैं.. 3) दृढ़ता सफलता का एक बड़ा तत्व है. यदि आप केवल गेट पर काफी देर तकऔर काफी जोर से दस्तक देते, तो आप किसी को सुनिश्चित जगा सकते है. 4) पागलपन कई बार हमें सहायता करता है जिन्दगी के नये क्षिति

Introducing Thoughts of an Ordinary Man Travel Blog

Last month, officially launched new extension of Thoughts of an Ordinary Man dot com in the form of Thoughts of an Ordinary Travel Blog . People who know me well, knows that how much I love travelling and I have visited many places across India in past. Moreover, I regularly look for new opportunities to travel. During my past travels and vacations, I have learned lot about travelling and vacations. Therefore, I thought about sharing this information with all viewers. This blog is slowly catching up as I am adding many informative travel articles, vacation information, videos and holiday pictures to it. This new blog will only cover travel related stuff and I will try my best to provide maximum and helpful information to all travellers. I have named this blog I Travel For You and hope that people will life. This blog will cover small to small details for better and safe travelling experience. With the help of good information available on this blog, people can make right choices about

Watch Trailer movie Delhi Belly

Below, people can trailer of Amir Khan Production film “Delhi Belly”. This film is directed by Abhinay Deo. The main cast of film includes ran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Poorna Jagannathan, Vir Das and Shenaz Treasurywala. This film is expected to release across theatres on 1st July, 2010. Recently, first look trailer of this film was released which I am putting below.