Watch Live Union Financial Budget 2011-12 India

Finance Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee will present Union Financial budget of India for year 2011-12 on 28th Feb at 11 AM. Indian financial minister presents financial budget before Loksabha every year for the allocation of funds, announcing new schemes/policies, to shows losses or profits in last financial years and numbers of other matter related to Indian government finances. This budget is then required to be passed by parliament of India to become functional. Union budget is very important for the smooth functioning of Indian government because it helps in smoothing running of Indian government.

A good financial budget do also leads to strong economical growth in country and give benefits to general public; therefore, people of India always have great hopes from Union budget. We can hope that finance Minster will present a good budget which will fulfill expectation of all. People who want to watch live Union financial budget for year 2011-12 can get the help of live Loksabha tv and Live budget links to watch Indian financial budget live on the their computer screen. Complete coverage of financial budget and budget season will be available on Loksabha TV while live budget will be available on both Loksabha TV and Live Webcast.

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