Thoughts on cricket world cup

Cricket world cup is going to start in Indian subcontinent in few days and it will last for one and half month approximately. For this whole time, we will see people gluing to their TV screens or speculating about world cup outcomes. In this part of world, it is very hard to challenge popularity of game of cricket because here people religiously follow game of cricket. I have also grown up with game of cricket and I do love to watch cricket games.

Like billions of other Indians I am too very excited about upcoming cricket world cup. Indian cricket team won last cricket world cup in 1983; therefore, every Indian wants that Indian cricket team should win this world cup. Main competition of Indian cricket team is with strong cricket teams like Australia, South Africa etc. Within few days, we would learn about winner of cricket world cup and all speculations will come to end. So far, we have many exciting games of cricket waiting for us. Despite all this fanfare, world cup has become money making machine for ICC and respective cricket boards.

Cricket world cup will earn billions of dollars worth of revenues for these richest sports boards of world. My main worry is that cricket should not loss its shine and respect in money race. It is important to encourage cricket as true game and not as money making game. It is important for cricket broads to not only concentrate on making money and use earned money from event to improve game of cricket and condition of cricket related infrastructure.

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