West Bengal Assembly Election 2011

Next Forthcoming biggest election in India is West Bengal assembly election 2011 and whole of country is curious to know final outcome of this election. West Bengal assembly election is likely to take place in April/May month this year (For Election Dates visit- Assembly Election 2011 Kerala Dates) The main fight in assembly election will be between Indian National Congress-Trinamool Congress combine and Communist Parties combine (Left Democratic Front). In 2006 West Bengal assembly election, Left Democratic Front (LDF) got major victory in Assembly Election by winning 233 assembly seats out of total 294 West Bengal Assembly seats.

In 2006 Assembly election, Indian National Congress and Trinamool Congress fought separately; however, both failed to show any impressive show. 1n 2006, Congress won 24 seats and Trinamool Congress combine 30 seats. In 2006 BJP and Trinamool Congress fought West Bengal election together. This time Trinamool and Congress have joined hands and they are causing major threat to three decade old left rule over West Bengal. In last five years many things have changed in West Bengal and it is not going easy for Left front to repeat 2006 performance again. 2009 Loksabha elections showed power of Trinamool and Congress alliance which won 25 Loksabha seats out of total 42 Loksabha seats of West Bengal and Left Front only got 15 seats.

These results showed first time that people of West Bengal have lost faith in Left Front government and they are looking for change. People of West Bengal see good political option in the form of Trinamool and Congress combine. There are good chances that next government in West Bengal will be made by Trinamool and Conrgess; however, it is also not right to completely right off Left Front which can show come back. All these questions related to West Bengal Assembly election will be got answered when we will see final results of West Bengal Election in coming few months.

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