Saving plays main role in getting rich

Mostly, people believe that they will become rich when they start earning more and this is biggest mistake which most of us do. No person in this world can become rich unless, he understands advantage of saving money. Mostly, when we get money then we get lured to spend it and mostly, high earners top list of spenders; therefore, many times these high earners have fewer saving as compared to people earning much less than them.

Saving is an art in front of us to increase our wealth and simultaneously secure our future. It is important for every earning person to save at least 20% of his earning and invest it wisely. When we save money and invest it regularly then soon we have enough money to fulfil numbers of our dreams like buying a good house, dream education for children etc.

However, generally people do not give much importance to saving money and their savings remain less than 5% of their earning in general. Today, we live in a materialistic world where we can find millions of attractive products in shops and we always get tempted to buy them. From governments to industrial sector everybody lure us to spend more because in this way they see increase in economy; however, it is important for common people to understand that it’s their saved money which helps in difficult times. Saving does not imply that we should stop buying everything; however, it just tells that we should save first and then spend remaining money wisely.
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