Increasing rate of Unemployment in India

Problem of unemployment is faced by almost all nations of world and developed countries like USA have not succeeded in eradication of this problem. In India, unemployment has remained one of biggest problem faced by the nation. As per 2009 report, unemployment rate in India is 10.7% which is very high rate of unemployment in all standards. Yesterday, we got chance to see effect of this unemployment when more than 6 Lakh aspirants reached Bareilly city of UP to take part in ITBP recruitment.

There were only 480 vacancy for which lakhs of unemployed youth reached city. Situation became worse when ITBP personal found it hard to manage this crowd and suspended recruitment. This whole incidence angered youth and they restored to rampage in Bareilly city. Later, youth reached railway station and took trains to their destinations. However, due to less numbers of available trains and less space inside trains, many students sat on train rooftop. Near Shahjahanpur, a railways accident caused death of 19 of these ITBP aspirants sitting on train rooftop.

This whole incident clearly shows danger of increasing unemployment in India. For 480 vacancies, around 7 Lakh aspirants reached Bareilly from 18 states of India. Despite many claims by Indian government situation of unemployment is very bad and we saw its effect yesterday. If present unemployment situation does not improved in coming times then we can see many such incidences in recent future. Unemployed youth can restore to numbers of wrong activities and crime. It is very important for government of India to understand necessity of solving this problem soon by providing more employment opportunities to Indian youth.
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